Monday, February 21, 2011

Tabur Hill

18th Febrary 2011
Klang Gate Dam
Taman Melawati, KL

6 years back…

Bukit Tabur, I still remembered 6 years ago…this is my first hill I started to climb. Actually, that time I didn’t know that we’re supposed to hiking, initial plan was just to see area around there for our sport and react club next activity. Suddenly, they changed the plan and we had to follow our Club president decision. Since we’re already there, I had no other choice other than to follow them… without any preparation… if not, I have to wait inside the car until they’re all back. Fuhh…ni bukan keje main2 nie… mak aku pun tak tahu aku nak gi buat activity extreme nie. Follow je lah. Luckily lah aku ni jenis active kat UIA dulu so takde lah semput sangat. And I still remembered that it was my first time... I started to like Hiking. OMG... the beautiful view really enthusiast me to be there again.

But…. that was 6 years back. Now, I’m back Tabur just to memorize our memories we kept together not so long time ago. It was wonderful and unforgettable moment witnessed the beautiful nature of God’s creation.


Actually, aku dah lama planned nak gi Tabur ni dah lama dah but since banyak sangat unforeseen circumstances and plus with so many rumours about Tabur Hill recently… thus, make it one of the unsafe place to go. Since this was my second time to Tabur Hill, I would say “yes, it could be unsafe if we’re not aware of the potentially unsafe it could be”. Anyway, in anything you do, bear in mind “safety comes first”. So, keep these in mind, follow the right person, be careful on certain challenging track, respect the nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery on top. You won’t regret once you up there.

Since most of my friends were their first time, so, we decided to meet somewhere so that we can go together. Initially, Meeza planned to meet at Restoran Choice but since most of us not so familiar with Taman Melawati area, so, we changed venue to meet at BHP station around 6.45 a.m and from there, then, we will meet our guide Khairil Yusree Yusof…sedap nyer nama dia (out of topic jap) or a.k.a Uteh, which is friend of Meeza at Restoran Choice. But still… few of us lost their way to the BHP… macam-macam. Hopefully next time, please be punctual yea my dear friends. Study map dulu.

How to get there?

Not so hard to find the direction to here. Just follow the GPS if you do have Garmin or whatever GPS devices that can bring you there or kalau yang takde tu just Google Map. Just find “Klang Gate Dam” and it will drive you all the way to the starting point.

Area to park your car

Starting Point

Let’s begin...

We started around 8 a.m and it took us 2 & half hours to reach on top. Maybe, the time can be improved if we reduce the time of taking photos. But, ini lah yang wajib, kenangan beb. How can I miss every beautiful things around me.

Most of the track you’ll find easy but only at certain part it could be very-very challenging where you may need your full strength to get to the next level. And certain track you need a rope to support you so that you can proceed. But, don’t forget to be extra careful in every steps and moves you make. And if possible don’t take shortcut yea, try every challenging track, just then you will really feel the challenge. Insyallah everything will be fine if we stay alert.

On the way back, we took a different route. More easy and relax. But you still have an option if you want to follow the same route from where you came. If you ask me, I don’t think I will follow the same route on the way back and I guaranteed most of people also will agree with that. Why? The reason could be from the track photos. Enjoyyyy.

Beginning of the track

Halfway only... but already seen the gorgeous view

Sunrise view from the other side

Sunrise... Subhanallah

Cantik nyerr

Track to the top

The rocky trail

Next track

KLCC and KL Tower view from Tabur Hill

We're on top of one of the Peak

Klang Gate Dam.... just behind me

Beautiful track

Ist obstacle, you need rope to go down... but, you still have an option to
follow the easy route but.... not challenging lah

Met this Uncle on the way to the next peak
Support Him to save Taman Melawati Hill

Next Obstacle... a few accidents did happened here
So, be extra careful

Awesome view from the other side

Next... we're heading there

Next Track... yang ni biase2 jer... turun lepas tu kena naik balik

Track ni pun tough juga... malu plak kena minta tolong orang mase nie sebab kaki tak panjang

You could see this beautiful origami hanging on the tree

On the other side you could see UIA.... really missed Uia

One of the tough track... you have to get thru this to the next level

We're almost there... final peak

We stopped till here... taking photos & enjoying the nice view

Twilight Zone

All the way down was descending and when you almost reached down the hill you will pass thru the fruit orchard.

We reached down around 12pm macam tu.

Overall, I really enjoyed hiking at Bukit Tabur and hopefully will go there more often after this.

My advise…

Next time if you all really wanted to go there, please be there early or else you will suffer the direct exposure from sunrise. The best time to start 6.30am or 7am. So that, once you on top still windy and not yet hot.


  1. mujur aku tak terasa, org yg sampai awal la katakan

  2. Hehehe..Siapa makan sambal kicap? Rasa pedas ke?

    Tapi memang kena pegi awal2. Terbakor kulit kalo matahari dah smpi bahu.


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