Monday, May 28, 2012

Something that makes me happy today

Alhamdulillah, after so many emails & feedback from employees regarding the implementing the 4 ½ days work week & request for the flexible starting time to be revised... finally, management has agreed that the official start of work time is now revised to 7.30 am i.e employees have the flexibility of starting between 7.30 and 9am.   

The new working hours...

Monday – Thursday
7.30am            - 5.30pm
8.00am            - 6.00pm
8.30am            - 6.30pm
9.00am            - 7.00pm   
7.30am            - 11.30am
8.00am            - 12.00pm
8.30am            - 12.30pm
9.00am            - 1.00pm  

And the new working hours will be starting on 4th June 2012... meaning next week. Hooray.

And Friday lah aku paling semangat nak sampai awal pagi... hehehe.

After this, takde lah sia-sia sangat aku datang awal2 pagi ke ofis. 

Of course, I'm very happy with this new annoucement. And as expected, orang keliling aku semua pointing kat aku yang selalu balik awal ni... "Nurul lah orang yang paling happy skali sekarang"... "Nurul lepas ni ko boleh balik lagi awal lah nampak nye"... "Tak sia-sia ko datang awal lepas ni" blah blah blah... so many unwanted voice yang datang kat meja aku semata-mata nak wish good news ni... hampeh betul. 

Anyway, aku senyum jer... walaupun in reality memang aku yang antara paling awal sampai ofis after my big bos... hehehe. Whatever it is, after this... I can avoid jam... emmhh not really, skit jelah kot..., pergi swimming & pergi gym lagi awal.

Thanks Aker.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Krabi Day 2... Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island, Krabi 
Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Our second day at Krabi was one day trip to Phi Phi Island. This is the main agenda of our Krabi trip… a must visit place while you in Krabi. 

The island hopping package includes boat, snorkeling, hotel transfer, drinks and foods. 

As promised with the tour agent, we waited for the transport at Hotel lobby at 8.30 a.m to pick up us. The lorry arrived sharp at 8.30 a.m & there was one Thai lady with the driver, which at that time I believed is our tour guide. She’s young & not so fluent in English. So, not much we could talk during the trip. 

Transport to the Jetty... Lorry kecik je

We did not straight away go to the jetty. The lorry suddenly stopped at one place to fetch other tourist. OMG, I thought we were the only group with them but out of nowhere, they brought together with us one happy family. Could you imagine that time, small lorry which is supposed to be fitted with 10 person with moderate size now became place which only had limited space to move… and suddenly, it was a heavy rain… fuhh, what a day. We arrived at the jetty around 10 a.m and that time the weather was OK. Alhmadulillah. If it is still raining, I don’t think we can proceed with the trip.

We went to Phi Phi Island by speedboat. A short briefing was given before departing by our Island tour guide, James.

Ready to Phi-Phi Island... nak naik speedboat to Phi Phi
Make sure you bag is waterproof ok

A brief of Phi Phi Island… 

Phi Phi Islands are located in Thailand, between the large island of Phuket and the western Andaman Sea coast of the mainland. The islands are administratively part of Krabi province. Ko Phi Phi Don ("ko" meaning "island" in the Thai language) is the largest island of the group, and is the only island with permanent inhabitants, although the beaches of the second largest island, Ko Phi Phi Lee (or "Ko Phi Phi Leh"), are visited by many people as well. The rest of the islands in the group, including Bida Nok, Bida Noi, and Bamboo Island (Ko Mai Phai), are not much more than large limestone rocks jutting out of the sea. 

Phi Phi Don was initially populated by Muslim fishermen during the late 1940s, and later became a coconut plantation. The Thai population of Phi Phi Don remains more than 80% Muslim. The actual population however, if counting laborers, especially from the north-east, from the mainland is much more Buddhist these days. 

The islands came to worldwide prominence when Ko Phi Phi Leh was used as a location for the 2000 British-American film The Beach. This attracted criticism, with claims that the film company had damaged the island's environment, an accusation the film's makers contest. The film's release was attributed to an increase in tourism to the islands. Phi Phi Leh also houses the 'Viking Cave', from which there is a thriving bird's nest soup industry. 

Ko Phi Phi was devastated by the Indian Ocean Tsunami of December 2004, when nearly all of the island's infrastructure was destroyed. As of 2010 most, but not all, of this has been restored. 

(source: wikipedia)

Our first stop... Bamboo Island

We stopped here about 45 minutes. Since, it was a short stop, I did not swim. Just taking photos & enjoying the nice view.

Our first stop... Bamboo Island

Tsunami Hazard Zone... so, stay alert

Bamboo Island
It was cloudy at this time

Bamboo Island

Next stop... Viking Cave

Just passed by & taking photos only.

Viking Cave

The speedboat

The water is so crystal clear

We did not stop here... but looked like nice place to have snorkeling
Actually, you can have a personal arrangement with the person incharge if you want to have snorkeling at the specific place but the price maybe different from normal package

Our boat passed by this place only... sightviewing

Another sightviewing

Next stop... Maya Bay
We did not go to the Maya Beach since it was told by our guide that the sea was rough at that time. It was too risky to proceed. But, I was wondering why still so many people already at Maya beach & many boats were there too at that time. Actually, James told me that our boat got 2 engines only, maybe if 3 engines than we can proceed to Maya beach. Ok, understood, meaning our boat is not good enough to overcome the rough wave. I was quite disappointed at that time but what to do, your life is more important. In helpless state, the speedboat turned back to Phi Phi Don and drop us there to have our lunch. 

Ao maya... we did not stop... the waves are too rough for our speed boat...argghhh

Lunch at Phi Phi Don

We stopped at Phi Phi Don to have our lunch. What can I say about the lunch, it was awesome. Especially the fried chicken & the chilly. We really enjoyed with the food provided. I will rate 4.5 out of 5 for the foods.

Next, after having lunch, we went for sightseeing, jalan-jalan, taking photos & look around for some souvenirs. The weather was cloudy at that time.

After lunch... jalan-jalan cuci mata kejap

View from Phi Phi Don

Longtail Boat

Longtail Boat... front angle

Unforgettable trip at Phi Phi Island

Credit to Gojes for this photo... I like

Also Credit to Gojes for this photo... I like too


We started snorkeling after the lunch. The first place, James stopped us at one place where I think, it was not safe to have a snorkeling there. Some of us already jumped into the sea including me at that time and suddenly the waves are getting rough. OMG, I quite panicked at that time because our boat was getting far from me & the waves starting to sway some of us. I was alone that time because I cannot reach other people with that condition at that time, and I was far from other people, so, all I can do was sceraming. Hehehe, luckily there was a life saver with us on the boat. That time, there was one Malay lady (not from our group) almost having a hard time to breath after get into the boat. After the small incident, we went for another safer place for snorkeling.

Actually, that time the weather is quite risky to have a snorkeling. But, since they don’t want to loose their income (I guest), so, they still proceed but at the end not much excitement I could feel. 

Our next snorkeling port was no fish. So, we have to find another place again. Again, get into the boat. 

Snorkeling... this section taking photos only, no fish OK

The third place, the snorkeling place is OK. Got fish and other sea life too. 

The last place also was much more fun. The fish are getting more & more. But, still the same kind of fish. Bosan betul.

In my opinion, I think Islands in Malaysia are much better & more satisfactions.

Banyak nyer... dah macam fish spa aku rase masa gojes & adeq campak roti kat aku

Only 2 types of fish I could capture... yang ni je pun yang ade

See... Ikan ni lagi

Aku rase port yang dia campak untuk snorkeling tu memang tempat Ikan belang nie jelah

We back to the jetty and ended the tour around 4 p.m.

We returned to Hotel with (to me) not so much fun plus a bit frustration.

Balik naik lorry panjang skit... so muatan nye pun lebey lah

- End of Krabi Day 2 -

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Krabi Day 1... Aonang

LCCT - Krabi Airport - Aonang
Mon, 7 May 2012

Last year, when I booked ticket to Krabi, never thought of planning trip to Krabi, all in my mind was Beijing, Seoul and other overseas trip. But, since I was just a bit late, all ticket to Tianjin finished in just a few minutes. I tried other places as well but finally the only hope I had was to Krabi but the cheap fare only available during weekdays. Meaning you have to sacrifice your four working days for this trip. Since all my friends agreed, I proceed with the booking and alhamdulillah, finally I was in Krabi enjoying my trip. 

The price for return flights for KL-Krabi was RM210 (All in fare including fuel surcharge, baggage, convenient fee and Insurance). Worth it right. But, have to book about 1 year earlier to get that RM10 ticket price.

waiting for calling... after 25 minutes flight delay, still boleh sengeh lagi ek

We touched down at Krabi Airport at 2.00PM (Thailand Time) after 25 minutes delayed with AirAsia flight. Alhamdulillah, No problem at Emigration. Then, we went out and try to look for taxi or anything that can bring us to Aonang. End up we book van from second counter on my right. They offered 800 Bath with very big Van… looks like Alphard. So, each person was charged at 100 Bath (RM10).

Transport yang membawa kami ke Aonang

On the way to Krabi Resort, the van driver stopped us at one tour agency. I believed there must have some share or connection with the tour agency. So, I guest, any tourist come to krabi taking the van, they will probably bring you here for tour package. Like us, kami terpedaya juga after a series of bargain with the “Tree”, the Thai lady. We got 2200 bath for two packages, Phi Phi Island Tour and Jungle Tour. Ok lah... but seriously menyesal juga sebab at Aonang you could get cheaper price with better option. So, next time if they offered you package here… go to Aonang for more option of price.

We stopped here for tour package... last2 terpengaruh juga dengan Tree

After spend 2200 Bath at Somporn Travel & Service, we proceeded straight away to Krabi Resort which is only 30 minutes away from Krabi International Airport if no stop. It was located right on the Ao Nang beach and the only resort in Ao Nang that has private beachfront area. Ao Nang beach is the most popular beach in Krabi, with white sandy beach and interesting array of shops, bars and restaurants. It’s also quite near to Ao Nang beach where all the tourist attractions and markets located. To me, it is better to book Hotel in Ao Nang rather than Krabi Town. I think the only attraction in Krabi town is the night market which is only available during weekends (fri, sat and sun). We didn't go to the Pasar Malam (since our trip was on Mon till Thurs) but I did some reading on a few blogs about Krabi Town.

I actually booked our hotels through Groupon few months back when they gave 69% discounts to all the hotels offered in Krabi Resort. Not only Krabi Resort that they have but a wide choices of hotels they offered thru groupon too. But, when I surveyed, Krabi resort is the only places at Aao Nang Beach that only had private beach access, so, I decided to proceed with the booking. Yes, only a walking distance from our Hotel to the beach. 

We arrived at Krabi Resort around 3.30pm. We need to show the groupon voucher as a proof of our reserved booking. Krabi Resort got no Halal certification, meaning, for Muslim people you need to find Halal food outside this resort. 

Welcome to Krabi Resort

View in front of our Hotel

Our favourite spot at Krabi Resort

Our Accomodation @ Krabi

After checked-in at Krabi Resort… we took a short rest… pray and then prepare for a short tour around Ao Nang. Since, today is our first day and we arrived at Krabi a bit late, so, no plan for any activities for today. So, we went out to Ao Nang beach that evening with the missions of shopping and jalan-jalan cari makan. There were so much to see, so much to buy… oppss but don’t forget to bargain. But honestly, it was a bit hard to bargain here... they preferred let you go rather than reducing the price. I still remembered how rude one of them spoke to us... sounds like this

"... You want to buy or not, if you want to buy no discount, if you don't want to buy, please go away... you all blocking my shop, I'm busy right know... blah blah blah...."

Actually, he keep mumbling until we walked away from His shop. Kekwat sungguh. I don't know why he has to treat us like that. Is it because we're Muslim or maybe we're just Asian people. But, one thing I'm very sure he was actually busy gambling in front of shop next to His shop. Serioulsy hampeh, busyyy lah sangat.

Tut Tut... Thailand taxi

Right outside of our hotel, there were many shop lots, travel agents, restaurants and Thai massage. Luckily, all of them speak (understandable) English. As for food, you don’t have to worry since most of them are selling the Halal food. You could see most of the shops selling food are putting the Halal sign and I believed the traders are also Muslim people. So, yakini jelah… hehehe.

A lot of Shops for makan-makan

Evacuation Route signboard @ Aonang for people to stay alert

Bus stop yang unik and cute

Our activity on our first day at Krabi... Shopping

Shopping lagi yea...

Travel Agent & Currency exchange

Night @ Ao Nang

After dah puas jalan-jalan, it was time to have dinner. Our first day Dinner was at Chaba seafood, Halah yea. And tuan empunye kedai macam faham-faham je kami ni from Malaysia so, he played Dadali song... hehehe, macam tahu-tahu jer Lagu Dadali "Saat aku mencintaimu" hit sangat kat Malaysia. Food kat sini OK lah especially the Tomyam. Anyway, there was a miscommunication during the order... Omelette (4 eggs) costs 90 Bath (RM9) while Omelette (2 egg) @ 20 Bath (RM2). We asked the small one but they gave the expensive one. Emmhh... bayor jelah jawab nye... malas dah nak argue. But, still wondering why was the price so different.

Dinner @ Chaba seafood... OK but quite expensive

Tomyam @ Chaba Seafood...  memang sedap

Samba ketuk gojes yang memang best... sempat lagi buat before nak ke LCCT, konon2 nye takut takde sambal yang kick kat Krabi, anyway I really like it

Morning @ Ao nang... the shops start to open at 11 a.m

Budget for my Krabi Trip 

Return flights for KL-Krabi - RM210 (AA promo include baggage, insurance, fuel surcharge, convenient fee) 

Krabi Resort Hotel (deluxe room with breakfast for 2) – RM210 per person for 4D/3N (After 69% discount) 

Transportation from Airport to Hotel and Hotel to Airport – 200 Bath (RM20 per person) 

Phi Phi Island package (1 day tour inclusive of lunch, drinks, fruit, entrance fees, guide, return transfer) and Jungle Tour (1 day tour inclusive of lunch, drinks, fruits, entrance fees, return transfer) – 2200 Bath (RM220) 

 Other expenses (Foods, Shopping, Massage, Transport to Krabi Town) – 3000 Bath (RM300)

 To be continued...

Monday, May 21, 2012

KL Tower Day/Night Towerthon 2012

KL Tower
19 May 2012, 4.00 p.m

My second time after last year event on 2011. Last year, the event was held at night and I still remembered that for wopen open we started at 9.30pm like that. But, this year the flag off time for all categories has been changed to day time except the men open category. And compare to last year, this year participants not as many as last year event.

The major challenges we need to overcome this year was the very hot weather outside plus running in small confined area with limited ventilation. 

At the starting point... before flag off, seriously nervous time nie

Tak sabar nak lari dah nie...

Compare to last year event, tahun ni cuma kami bertiga je yang gagah nak masuk berlari. Yang lain kurang pasti plak sebab nye tak join. Ubet pun takde kali ni... hehehe.

Dah start lari dahh...

Ahli-ahli GGK yang bersemangat

Aku rase kali ni macam tak sehebat tahun lepas sebab aku agak pancit sikit. Sebab pernafasan agak terganggu dengan cuaca kat luar yang agak panas ditambah plak breathing in confine area. Masa kat level 17, aku terpaksa keluar juga dalam setengah minit nak dapat udara segar sikit, nasib baik lah ade kipas besar kat situ boleh lah nak bernafas skit… hehehe. Lepas tu, baru lah aku start balik slowly non-stop. 

Each 4 levels ade water station, provided with 100 plus & TM mineral water. Last year event, KL tower ade sponsor mineral water & air zam zam. Yang menarik nye bottle dia exactly like KL tower design. But this year takde plak, maybe dah banyak sangat yang sponsor kot, so, they keep for another KL Tower event.

Alhamdulillah... successfully finish the run

Nice medal from KL Tower

Ni tengah posing untuk iklan lori milo kat belakang tu... hehehe

Kami dah naik tower ni tadi... best tau

Kalau tahun lepas penyokong setia merangkap camera man kami, Ubet Underline tapi tahun ni Cik Gojes plak pengganti nye. Thanks yea tolong support kami-kami ni. Really appreciate that walaupun tahu kaki awak tengah sakit. Aku tak paksa kan… hehehe. To Gojes, aku cilok semua gambo kat camera ko... thank u so much babe.

Yes.. I did it

Result dah released semalam juga and aku cuma mampu berada di ranking ke 88. Ok lah out of 313 women open runners. My timing was 35 minute 11 sec.

Hopefully can do better next time.

The full result

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