Friday, April 30, 2010

Farewell Mariam

Today is the last day for Mariam at MMC Miri Office. Mmmmhhh….sedihnyer. For me, still got two weeks before demob to KL office. Rasenyer….macam lamaaaaa sangat. After this no more happy life kat Miri since Cik yam dah balik….K Yati pulak will be on the following week….lastly would be my turn. After this kena pujuk cik Wahida lah plak nak continue my activities in Miri for the next two weeks. Apa-apa yang blum cover lagi lah….hihihi….hopefully can fill it the remaining 2 weeks with perfect and enjoyable moments.

Last night, dalam kesibukan nak balik KL nie sempat juga kita orang celebrate Mariam Farewell….layan steamboat. Dah hari-hari terakhir kat Miri baru tahu ade tempat makan best kt sini lagi rupa nyer. We never tried before but the food memang OK and the Owner also very friendly and approachable. We did enjoy & sempat flashback our first time here. Jealous nyer.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

BBQ kat Marine Apartment

Last Saturday, after for so long planning….at last ON juga BBQ plan kita orang. Location agak strategic juga lah…apa lagi our Home Sweet Home lah Marine Apartment. Weather memang OK plus dengan angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa…perghh memang terangkat lah. Memang Best & layan lah. Only a few photos I managed to upload, the rest banyak video jer. Tak sesuai lah plak nak post kt blog nie…hihihi…kang ade plak yg makan hati. Anyway, Menu memang best lah petang tue….chicken wing, drumstick, sausage, ikan Pari dan seangkatan, daging burger sponsored by Bob, Potatoes, Salad, Fruit Cocktail, Nasi Goreng kampung and macam-macam ada lah….Sempat juga lah celebrate Birthday Boys for April hihihi (saper yea????) ....hehehe.

Lama tak buat acitivity macam nie so skali2 tue memang best lah...hilang sekejap stress kt tempat keje. Dah lah memang dari tempat keje pun before that. Tapi rushing balik cause K yati asked me to cook Nasi Goreng Kampung...Lepas tu buat Salad, Sos Salad n Air Gula for Drinks. Then around 4.30pm, kita orang start bring all the things for the BBQ kt Playground Marine Apartment. Initially we planned to do at either Tanjung Lubang or Esplanade but since so many rumours pasal safety, flies attack lah & consideration nak fikir tempat sembahyang last we decided to do kat our Place. Ok lak tepi laut gak...siap bleh nampak big ship... orang balik offshore lagi...hehehe.

Sampai Isyak juga lah BBQ party kita orang…lepas tu masing-masing pun sibuk nak balik cepat tengok Bola… Kedah Vs N9. Tapi Den dah kato dah N9 mesti monang….memang torbaek lah. Orang Kodah Menyosal tak sudah.

Overall...BBQ kami memang successfull lah. Korang memang best...hopefully can organize one more before we demob to KL. Layannnn.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bukit Pantu Waterfall, Lambir

Yesterday, I managed to reach Bukit Pantu Waterfall. Subhanallah...What a beautiful, awesome & great view of waterfall I've ever seen. Last time hiking, it was only up to Innoue Trail checkpoint…but this time we managed to go a little bit further plus 0.74KM. This time, there were only 4 persons… Yeo, Mariam, Ariana n of course Me. This time, it took almost 4 hours return. Started around 8.15 am & we ended around 12pm. Supposed to be 5 persons but last minute, my friend Wahida cancelled... but since not to disappoint other peoples which already eager to go there… I proceeded with my initial plan…. Layan juga lah. This time... it was really a challenging hike plus with extra fun :)

Alhamdulillah....all safe return. I really hope, I can have one more chance to be in here again before return to KL in the middle of May.

Pantu Waterfall
Ariana, Mariam n Me

Saujana Mata Memandang

This marked your ending point

End of our Trail

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm back...Miri

Last night…my flight delayed but only for 20mins…so ok, we managed to arrive Miri around 9.20pm. But what makes it so late is Imegresen caunter…Fuhh I’ve never queued so long like this…but this time I have to wait about 15mins juga lah for stamping my passport. Mariam lagi lah….another extra 10 minutes. We took a different queue…with the hope that we managed to finish at almost the same time but still I have to wait for Mariam since ade foreigner yang ade problem with their passport maybe. Kesian kat Yad, have to wait for all of us…for sure he must be a bit angry at that time. Sorry Yad not our fault. On the way balik, we dropped by at Cybercast to have a very short dinner since we didn’t book meals during flight. But, a cup of Neslo is more than enough for me. While waiting for K yati n Zul finishing their dinner, me n yam busy watching ABPH 2009. We missed a lot of the show but still can see Remy Ishak n Tiz won the Popular TV Actor n Actress category….hebat nyer penangan NurKasih (I love this series so much). But don’t be shocked with Tiz dressing…awesome but not showing her true characters as Nuramina. After that, we headed to our home sweet home…Marine. Argghhh….ngantuk nyer but still I waited for the announcement of the most popular artist ABPH 2009. Of course Dato’ Siti lah yang Menang…and for the last year of her day in ABPH…maybe nak kasi chance kat artist lain…good. But, quite frusturated cause Faizal Tahir tak menang apa-apa. Never mind, maybe last year is not his best at all. Already 12 a.m, still got time checking my emails, update my activity n then……zzzzzz. Tomorrow...start with new usual.
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