Monday, April 12, 2010

Bukit Pantu Waterfall, Lambir

Yesterday, I managed to reach Bukit Pantu Waterfall. Subhanallah...What a beautiful, awesome & great view of waterfall I've ever seen. Last time hiking, it was only up to Innoue Trail checkpoint…but this time we managed to go a little bit further plus 0.74KM. This time, there were only 4 persons… Yeo, Mariam, Ariana n of course Me. This time, it took almost 4 hours return. Started around 8.15 am & we ended around 12pm. Supposed to be 5 persons but last minute, my friend Wahida cancelled... but since not to disappoint other peoples which already eager to go there… I proceeded with my initial plan…. Layan juga lah. This time... it was really a challenging hike plus with extra fun :)

Alhamdulillah....all safe return. I really hope, I can have one more chance to be in here again before return to KL in the middle of May.

Pantu Waterfall
Ariana, Mariam n Me

Saujana Mata Memandang

This marked your ending point

End of our Trail

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  1. looking forward to conquer Lambir Hill this Saturday..hehe.. Cant wait!


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