Friday, April 30, 2010

Farewell Mariam

Today is the last day for Mariam at MMC Miri Office. Mmmmhhh….sedihnyer. For me, still got two weeks before demob to KL office. Rasenyer….macam lamaaaaa sangat. After this no more happy life kat Miri since Cik yam dah balik….K Yati pulak will be on the following week….lastly would be my turn. After this kena pujuk cik Wahida lah plak nak continue my activities in Miri for the next two weeks. Apa-apa yang blum cover lagi lah….hihihi….hopefully can fill it the remaining 2 weeks with perfect and enjoyable moments.

Last night, dalam kesibukan nak balik KL nie sempat juga kita orang celebrate Mariam Farewell….layan steamboat. Dah hari-hari terakhir kat Miri baru tahu ade tempat makan best kt sini lagi rupa nyer. We never tried before but the food memang OK and the Owner also very friendly and approachable. We did enjoy & sempat flashback our first time here. Jealous nyer.

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