Friday, November 27, 2009

wHat You sHould KnOw aBOut ME?

As Salam...

Ada gaya professional tak... hehehe

A simple person not so complicated. 

Positive thinking, Energetic…I love travel, photography, hiking & anything that makes me happy. 

Look serious but actually easy going person. So, get closer to get to know me better. Bak kata pepatah "Tak kenal maka tak cinta". 

I Love beautiful things in this universe. 

My friends said…I aM vEry sensitive…maybe, depend on situation. 

I love RED so MucH…it cheers my day. 

And the mOSt iMPortanT tHInG…I love being what I’m now. 

Still in the process of improve myself to get closer to the creator of this universe. 

Ya Allah... Syukran Jazilan for making me one of your great & wonderful creation. 

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