Friday, December 31, 2010

What I wish for this Year 2011

Bye bye bye 2010...and welcome 2011

Wow...what can I say about 2010? A lot of memory I left it behind. I'm gonna missed 2010 very very very much....I wish I could keep it all the sweet memories with me forever.

Joy, happiness, sad, great things, frustrating..... so many things happend....which I cannot express my feelings. sob...sob...sob

If I could turn back time...wish I could change everything, I want to appreciate everything happened around me, make use of all chances I had & spend wisely every single day of my life.

But what is for sure not happened in 2010....I'm still not married yet....hehehe.

What I have achieved....I've done.... last year???

I've been seconded to Miri Office for 3 months with lots of joyful memories I left it behind. Met with new MMC office mates, learn new cultures, Visit Brunei, meet an old UIA friends & new, fantastic n great friends. Once I started to like the place...I've been called back to KL by Mr K. But what I learn a lot here is....friendship means more than anything.

My Big Boss...Kuldip suddenly resigned. What a suprise??? I heard so many version of stories about His resignation but what ever it is...He is still the best Boss I've ever met ...always take care of His Employees's welfare, unexpected personality...which sometimes I admired n a very good teacher in Instrumentation.

I successfully conquered Mount Kinabalu...the tallest Mountain in Asia Tenggara.

Met with 8 wonderfull tough still single girls at that time lah (but one already married) all really spice up quarter of 365 days of my life with wonderful, fun, joy n challenging activities. Hopefully this year we will continue the hooha activities again. Opening for 2011....yeah go MULU.

I’ve been officially finished my Master after 2 years…Thanks to ALL my master’s friend for being such a wonderful & great friends all the time. I’m gonna missed every single day we’ve been through in completing our assignments, the hardship of finishing our Thesis & of course our memorable n sweet study group every time before exams. Lots of memories I’ve collected with all of you which I sadly cannot let it go. Korang memang Best lah… wish all of you the Best in your next step after this.

Personality.... most of the people around me said...."you've have changed a lot". Now you become more happy, always smiling (ade apa-apa ke), n boleh tahan juga lah cakap and for sure still suka ketawa kuat2 (something out of my control)...hahaha. Whatever it is...I'm still gadis cun n garang yang orang selalu cakap tu.

What I expect for 2011????

Emmhhh...I want to be good Muslimah girl...what is that suppose to mean? Bukan nyer selama ni tak baik pun cuma tak cukup perfect nyer...hehehe, hopefully yeah.

The ending story of my bachelor's life...hopefully Insyallah kalau ade jodoh...Still waiting for my Prince Charming to propose me :-) Ameen. Ya Allah.... kirimkan lah aku kekasih yang baik hati, yang mencintai aku apa ada nya...(Munajat Cinta - by Ahmad Dhani)

To become a good daughter....I felt that so many wrongdoings I've done to my parent for the last year...of course the main reason tak nak dengar cakap Mak n Ayah. But, this year I wanted to do something that my mom cannot say "NO" to what I'm trying to do. My activities for this year still ON but few still I haven't informed my Mom. Sorry Mom like I said no more "NO" because your daughter too hyperactive.

To become more productive this year...jangan fikir ke lain plak, in term of work, I wanted to do something difference in my job for this year...exposure to more challenging works & tasks. thought of changing to a new place but still in planning....tungguuuu je lah...Tengok rezeki tahun ni macam mana yea. Emmhhh....Overseas maybe.

Thinking of further my studies....still thinking of what proposal I wanted to do??? Emhhh...find a supervisor, prepare reports blah blah blah....bila nyer nak start dahhhh.

For sure I'm trying my best to get rid of title "garang" & "Sombong". I don't know how can I get this title but for sure I will make sure this will be no more after this. Bak kata pepatah melayu, tak kenal maka tak cinta. So, to get to know me better, you have to fall in love with me first...OK.

I wish to make everyone around me happy with me and accept me as I am

To become impressive to all the people around me.

To make use of all the chances & try the best to spend all my single day of life perfectly & wisely.

Last but not least....more activities coming soon this year. Full activities till end of April... and really hope to go vacation overseas. many things I wish...which one become my priority....let see n wait.

Ya Allah if you have decided something good n best for grant me all of it, And if you have plan something much better for me...give me guidance so that I will prepare for it .... Ameen.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bukit Gasing

Petaling Jaya, Selangor
26th December 2010

Mula-mula ingat nak duduk rehat2 lah kt rumah weekend ni….tapi sms Huzz ajak gi Bukit Gasing semalam masa aku kat ofis…errmmhh terpaksa lah aku lupakan hasrat aku yang murni tu. Dah lah Christmas pun aku masuk keje, sempat attend wedding n petang nyer gi swimming pulak. And sepanjang minggu ni pun belum sempat pun lagi nak rehat kt rumah lama skit selain balik tido. Aku pun tak pernah pergi tempat ni, sempat baca kt blog orang lain jer. So, since I was thinking that there’s not much I could see aku pun follow je lah...and hoping that it won’t be the second time after this…hehehe….yelah nnt takde geng nak pergi dah :-)

Seawal 7 a.m aku dah tunggu kt LRT university, meeting point kita orang before proceed to Amcorp Mall (2nd meeting point). We Parked our cars just nearby LRT station and then tumpang keter Cik Thirah proceed to Bukit Gasing mengikut guide kami, Husna…yang kata nyer pernah pergi. For sure, if next time aku nak pergi aku takkan ingat dah jalan yg Husna follow nie…banyak benar simpang nyer. Maybe I shud try other alternatives to easily remembered. Anyway, thanks Husna for guiding us for today’s trekking.

We reached Bukit Gasing around 8 a.m mcm tue. Kena park kat tepi2 quarters JKR. Luckily dapat parking yang agak OK. Aku ingat semalam Christmas, hari nie clear lah skit tapi emmmhhhh….ramai juga orang (bak kata Huzz, hari nie kena burn fat lah cos yesterday dah makan Turkey banyak sangat).

Suppose to be 7 of us but time nie Huzz tengah amik gambar

Mula start trekking, memang tak mencabar sangat….trek banyak landai dari sloping. And aku rase kali nie aku banyak ketinggalan ke belakang skit cos sibuk nak amik gambar. Yang lain2 plak laju jer ke depan. Tapi yang best nyer sini ade tempat rehat lagi…so, kalau rase penat tu, bleh lah santai2 jap, amik gambar ke, makan2 n minum2 dulu. Tapi mostly yg datang sini, aku tak nampak pun duduk2 macam kita orang, sibuk amik gambar…semua pun macam tergesa-gesa jer nak habis kan cepat. Mase kita orang tengah duk2 makan ader plak yang siap perli2 kita orang…lantak lah kita orang pun datang suka2 jer. Exercise + Fun & easy….but I think most of them are not their first time. No wonder dia orang so rushing….and for some of them siap berlari-lari lagi.

Beginning of the track

Track still OK

Telecomm tower you could see from Watch Tower

PJ view from Watch Tower

Watch Tower

Proceed to Kg Kerinchi??...if u keep proceed actually you will arrive at LRT station but our journey stop only at Bukit Gasing peak

To next level

Kena follow this way

....And this way

Place for a short rest

Next to Suspension bridge


Next level of track....its getting harder after this

Track is getting harder as you reach higher

But still to Datuk

On the way nak balik…kita orang plan to take jalan to anak sungai. Ingat kan betul-betul sungai lah tapi memang betul lah… “anak sungai”. Kita orang proceed lah jalan terus as guided by Husna tapi keluar ke mana ntah…look like we’re lost. And out of sudden ade lah pulak mamat India yg came of nowhere kat belakang kita orang…luckily kita orang ramai. Dia pun look really scary and dia cakap “saya pun sesat juga” …at that time aku n Thirah dah fikir macam2 dah…bak kata Thirah “Wei, aku terbayang lah plak peristiwa kt Ladang blah blah...” OMG sampai ke situ plak makcik nie. But, I still wondering what was he doing there…alone plak tu n without sport attire. Errgghhhh….tak nak lah citer lagi pasal dia…scary beb.


This is what really called "Anak Sungai"

Sambung balik citer sesat tadi, kita orang pun masuk balik lah ke Hutan….and follow the other way plak. Eza dengar suara orang so, kita orang pun follow je lah. It was one Uncle with His not so cute dog. Kita orang pun follow n follow follow….and makin lama makin tinggi plak kita orang naik. Aku pun dah feel something wrong dah… since Husna cakap jalan keluar suppose to be landai from anak sungai tadi tapi nie memang dah lain macam sangat dah. Luckily Uncle to stop n kita orang pun tanye lah dia jalan keluar…rupa nyer kita orang dah salah jalan lagi. Uncle tu rupa nyer nak gi tokong dia kat atas Bukit tu…luckily dia tak ajak join skali... Hehehe. Uncle tu pun suruh kita orang follow dia turun balik and showing us the right way.

Finally we met our way out

Alhamdulillah, jumpa pun jalan keluar. Rupanyer takde lah jauh mana pun dari anak sungai Cuma kita orang tersalah amik simpang….yelah banyak sangat simpang nyer but if you’re familiar with this place it shudn’t be a problem. Kata first time…tapi takpelah extra workout hari ni.

Aku pun tak tahu apsal they called it this place as “Gasing”… maybe from top the Hill, it may look like a Spinning gasing. But, anyway aku rase sebab trek dia yang agak berpusing-pusing …macam gasing lahh. Apa pun nama Bukit ni…it’s getting popular among city’s people nowadays.

Species of Floras you may found in Bukit Gasing....but don't know the names

Foot Reflexology pun ader...layannn

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gunung Datuk Rembau

Rembau, N9
19th December 2010

Things you may need to bring
- 2 liters of plane water
- Isotonic drink
- small towel
- Camera
- Energy food (chocolate or biscuit)
- Mentos if u feel like lost of breathing (it helps actually)
- personel first aid kit (plaster, minyak angin etc.)

Sebelum ni aku memang dah teringin sangat nak ke Gunung Datuk ni tapi cume tak de geng yang boleh bawak aku n budak2 gunung gi….luckily Kaki Gym organize trip to Gunung Datuk, so, ade chance lah nak pergi. Aku pun ajak lah budak2 gunung join skali tapi Cuma 4 orang je lah yang boleh join…Kak Ayu, Julie, Adeq n Fad. Huzz dah pernah pergi so, maybe tak rase nak pergi lagi kot. Kay plak nak balik Kuantan time tu n Thirah plak tak confirm2 sampai lah time last week nak kena confirm pergi....last2 memang tak pergi.

Actually tempat nie takde lah jauh sangat dengan Kajang....lebih kurang +/- 2 hours tapi aku rase this time we managed to arrive a bit earlier about 1 and 1/2hours ...OK lah tu. Mula2 tersalah masuk simpang cause guide pun dah lama tak pergi, jalan pun dah lupa, so, kita orang terpakse juga lah minta tolong orang Kampung kek Rombau tunjukkan jalan ko situ. Tak lah susah sangat cuma kena jalan depan skit je lagi.

Kita org sampai dalam 7.30pg mcm tue. Sampai2 jer....buat2 lah apa2 yang patut. Like Nuang, Datuk pun kena register juga dulu (nama & IC) and bayar RM2. And then sesi photography dulu....just then we started our journey around 8am macam tu….Just nice…hujan pun still gerimis tapi about 10 minutes macam tue dah reda skit…Alhamdulillah.

Before tu...kena register dulu and pay RM2

Trek dia agak mencabar juga lah tapi mengingat kan aku trek kt Bukit Apek… Sejibik…no wonder lah Huzz tak nak naik lagi…hihihi. Tapi Cuma trek kt Datuk lebih banyak akar2 kayu hutan....yang aku memang tak suke. Kena lah mencelah kat akar2 tu nak masuk kaki. Anyway aku layannn je lah. Kali nie aku berjaya mengahabiskan trekking without any minor injury. Slalu nyer aku paling kurang pun akan tergelincir juga lah tapi alhamdulillah semua nyer smooth n steady...cayalah.

Trek yang agak challenging dengan akar2 kayu hutan nyer

Flora yang sungguh memukau


Buah yang tumbuh kat batang nyer

Kagum juga aku dengan kakak2 a.k.a mak2 orang yg join ni. Walaupun dah agak senja tapi still maintain n mantap….cayalah. Laki dia org pun tak join…hebat2. Aku ade tanye juga apsal tak ajak skali....tak minat kata nyer. Tapi yang aku tahu for sure mesti dalam hati husband masing2 cakap....tak ade koje nak naik2 gunung nie....banyak keje lain lagi....hehehe.

It takes 2 hours n 15min nak reach the peak....betullah cakap orang if you are fit enough you can reach within 2 hours. Tapi aku rase…kalau aku tak banyak stop tadi n amik gambar, rase nyer 1 jam ½ dah samapi…..confident jer. Tapi aku rase masa nak turun aku n naik lebih kurang same jer….takde beza nyer pun. Biase lah….snap2 gambar n teman Julie suddenly fening n Fad yg kejap2 sakit kaki lama dia datang balik. Since this is my first time so aku lebih suka santai n relax dari terkejar2 nak turun. Turun pun tapi still kena tunggu orang lain semua turun juga….baik aku slow n easy jer.

Mula-mula ingat nampak batu nie dah sampai....rupanyer ade batu kat atas lagi

Tak sampai lagi....ade lagi batu kat atas tu nak kena daki

Not yet....kena daki batu ni plak nak ke puncak

Rocks that lead you to the peak

Kami dah sampai

Yes....I did it

Beautiful view you could see from peak

Lunch time...di bawa khas oleh porter & guide kami

Group Photo ...we did it

Dalam pukul 3 macam tue semua pun dah selamat turun n after mandi n solat, kita orang pun proceed to Cendol Leman Dawi yang pernah masuk Jalan2 cari makan kat TV3 tue. Cendol order skali jer…. tapi additional cendol semua free of charge…memang best. Uncle kedai nie pun memang dah terkenal dengan cakap yang tak reti2 nak berhenti cakap…ade je menda yang dia nak story…Abg Jimmy ade suruh panggil uncle ni n tanye lah apa2 je sejarah kat Malaysia nie….definitely He will know everything. Hebat juga lah tu….hafal semua sejarah kat Malaysia ni….mesti dulu2 slalu score “A” History. Tapi kalu aku tanye Sejarah diri aku….hihihi…. agak-agak lah dia boleh jawab tak?. Tapi itulah antara daya tarikan kt kedai Cendol Leman Dawi ni.

Actually nasib aku n budak2 gunung memang tak baik cos pulut dah habis so yang tinggal kacang merah jer n cendol nyer….emmmhhh. Dari takde lansung baik layan je lah….lagi pun free kan orang Kaki Gym belanja. Thanks Abang Jimmy yang baik hati. Bagi aku takde lah hebat mana pun cendol ni tapi orang memang berpusu-pusu datang. Maybe sebab daya tarikan “percuma” kot.

Lepak2 dulu before balik KL

Tagline Leman Dawi

After nie, Kaki Gym nak organize trip ke Gunung Angsi plak...Insyallah I will join.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Apalah nasib kawan aku sorang nie

Hari nie memang aku prasan sangat Polo tak masuk keje....ingat kan lambat tapi dia memang tak datang pun....and semua orang pun macam buat do no jer. Aku agak curious juga cos slalu nyer kalu dia tak datang aku adalah antara org yg dia akan call cakap if tak datang ofis even dia half day. Lead dia pun aku kena inform juga. Dari Offshore pun dia call aku juga, sampai Lead dia Arun pun naik pelik sometime tue. Sampai one time tue Arun tanye aku....Why must he told you not me? heheheh....ntahhh. So, aku just assume dia dah let someone know about his missing.

Pagi2 lagi dalam pukul 9pg mcm tue Abg AKmal MIS call aku tanye pasal Polo. Tanye macam2 plak tue....then, sempat plak tu usik2 aku pasal kahwin....hampeh betul. Tapi apa yg dia tanye aku tue betul2 menjadi persoalan....dia tanye aku sape yg pernah gi offshore pinjam laptop. Aku cakap lah Polo tapi skerang nie cuma maamor jer yg gi site. Tapi aku rase Polo macam dah pulang kan Laptop tue sebab mcm dah lama sangat kan since bulan 10 lagi mase dia gi Erb West. Abg Akmal cuma nak pasti kan sape jer orang nyer cos dia cakap ade org call dia kata laptop hilang tapi dia tak sure yang mana satu.
After lunch, Arun lead Engineer Polo datang kat aku tanye...

Arun: You know what happened to Khairul?
Aku: Emmmhhh....what happened to him?
Arun: You don't know?
Aku: Geleng2 kepala
Arun: Someone broken into His Car....Laptop, passports, blah blah blah .cm .my ....all LOST
Aku: Is it (no wonder lah dia tak datang ofis)...unlucky Khairul

Continue until....

Rupanyer masa aku tengah duk borak2 ngn Arun....Razak, kak Fiza n Sya pun pasang telinga juga....semua pun macam shocked. Yelah semua pun tahu this is not his first time. Before this pun pernah kena juga.
Apa yang aku rase terkejut nyer....His just lost His new Handphone HTC last 2 weeks mase gi Honeymoon kat Cherating. Suddenly, keter plak kena pecah.

Semua pun macam buat andaian His so careless....tapi aku still tak puas hati because aku tak dengar dari mulut dia sendiri...could be other causes.

Aku sempat tanye kt Abg Akmal pasal laptop yg hilang tu....dia cakap kena ganti lah since dah ade dalam contract masa nak pinjam tue. Oh yeke....brape ek kena bayar balik? RM3000++...serius.... banyak tue.

Kadang2 tue sesuatu yg berlaku tue ade sebab nyer....tapi nie aku tak sure apa lah punca nyer. Tapi yang aku pasti....this is a really good lesson for everyone. Dia baru je selamat Kahwin about a month ago n suddenly all this happened....memang betul2 dugaan.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Semalam after meeting dengan hiking geng aku kat Pelita Nasi Kandar, suddenly sakit yang dari mana datang nyer (aku kurang pasti)tapi memang amat menyakitkan. Spoil plan aku nak gi shopping...last2 balik Kajang....aku speed sebab sakit tue amat2 lah menyakitkan. Aku punye lah risau...aku try rest jap n nk cuba lelap kan mata tapi tak juga berjaya....seriously memang memedih kan, OMG what happened to me? Semput ke...tapi aku rase breathing OK...sakit jantung kah (minta dijauhkan).

Memandang aku tak bleh tido, aku pun gi lah kluar ke gym...ingat dah peluh skit OK tapi still continuing until night. Nak buat macam mana nie? Mak n Ayah aku takde plak tue, adik2 aku lagi lah tak bleh harap kalu dh mengadap tenet. Huh...last2 after mandi n then solat aku trus tido....still early 9PM mcm tue, tapi sakit dada punye pasal aku tido jelah dengan harapan...everything will be fine once wake up. Tapi, aku still tak bleh nak lelap kan mata... panas nyer makin melampau plak, last2 aku bangun minum soya panas + Milo. Lega skit panas nyer, aku pun duk lah ngadap TV citer Kau & Aku n CSI Miami. After that aku pun masuk tido, walaupun tak bleh tido...tapi aku paksa jugak mata aku lelap di dalam kesakitan.

Hari nie aku masuk ofis awal cos dah tak bleh tido sangat kan...better aku dtg keje awal. Tapi sakit dada aku still ade n aku try buat keje nk kurang kan rase sakit nie. Dalam pkl 11 mcm tu aku gi Klinik n buat check-up. Lepas dia tekan2 certain part kt body aku...diagnosis nyer...not gastrik but it could be heartburn. Usually attacks in no time. Symton dia macam yg aku citer kat atas lah.

Aku pun try search to get real meaning of heartburn nie &.....I found this meaning in WIkipedia

"Heartburn, also known as pyrosis or acid indigestion is a burning sensation in the chest, just behind the breastbone or in the epigastrium. The pain often rises in the chest and may radiate to the neck, throat, or angle of the jaw."

"Heartburn is usually associated with regurgitation of gastric acid (gastric reflux) which is the major symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). It however may also be a symptom of ischemic heart disease so concluding that it is heartburn prematurely may lead to misdiagnosis."

Doctor siap still young my dear, dah stress. Aku pun citer lah kat dia yang lately nie keje aku banyak sangat and everything nak kena kejar dateline. so, doctor pun tak bagi aku buat ECG cos dia tak encourage sangat. I was given stress medicine n ubat gastrik n advise me to get more rest n relax.

Hopeufully, this pain will be no more tomorrow. Ameen.

Intrument Team Wedding

Last month n previous month jer…3 org engineer kt department aku dah selamat diijabkabulkan. Alhamdulillah, aku as a friend tumpang gembira juga ke atas jodoh masing-masing…finally korang semua dah found your truly love. Insyallah it will last forever…Ameen.

Yusof Mazlan…
Senior aku ni… before dia gi Jabung kt Indon. Dia ni lah jiran aku yg paling sporting & paling banyak ajar aku pasal instrument. Buat keje dengan dia nie memang byk belajar lah. Nampak je pendiam tapi kalu bab2 gossip nie boleh tahan juga…masa zaman2 ade Kamarul, Intan Masayu, Firdaus n yang sewaktu dengan nyer lah. Tup-tup balik.... sekian lama tak balik KL....kahwin. Anyway dia pun mmg dah layak sgt pun kahwin...duit dah banyak.

Yusof n Aida

Sekitar Majlis kahwin Yusof Mazlan

Khairul Azmi
Kawan aku yang paling kecoh kt Instrument. And geng aku yg paling kamcing kt instrument. Dia memang rajin skit….rajin amik tahu hal orang…hihihi. Kalau dia ni takde, memang takde lagi lah rakan gossip aku dah. Hopefully, lepas dah kahwin nie berubah lah skit yea En Khairul….be a good husband…mcm yang ko slalu citer kt aku tu lah…Suami yg Solih. Walaupun ko pernah cakap ko macam tak bersedia lagi tapi aku rase lepas kahwin ni…adelah rahmat nyer tu. Insyallah.

Khairul n Azeanty

Outdoor Photoshoot Khairul n Yan

Aku takde lah very close to Her tapi we can get along very well. Maybe sebab tempat jauh yg jadi penghalang kot. Lepas dah kahwin nie…sempat gak lah dia luah kan perasaan dia kat aku…mcm serius ye bunyi nyer yea. Takde apa pun cuma dia citer yang life single is much happier than married….sebab apa? Cos bila dah kahwin ko bukan fikir diri ko sorang jer tapi ko kena fikir kan diri orang lain juga n benda2 lain juga…aku pun tak tanye lah benda2 lain tue…sebab aku rase aku dah dengar the same thing almost from all kawan2 aku yg dah kahwin. Semua pun cakap the same thing. Aku rase normal lah mcm tu…tapi aku masih tak faham…why we always hoping for something better even though currently we already had much better and appreciable.

Lizah n Husband

Tapi apa pun.... yg dapat aku simpul kan kat sini….at least korang dah complete one of the sunnah…that’s the most important part.

Tapi ade yang menarik perhatian aku mase kt Umah card one of her Fren...creative sungguh. Cek pun boleh jadi creative Idea yea....I'm Impressed. Macam-macam...

Creative gak Couple nie

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Permit To Work

25 Nov 2010
Consist Training Center
Hulu Kelang

Today....aku off one day for PTW training or precisely Permit to Work. Actually, this is my first time and aku pun cuma gantikan Maamor yang supposely kena pergi but since dia gi Offshore, aku pun replace dia....Kak Ju cakap MMC dah bayar so kena ade replacement. Aku pun dengan hati yg terbuka....setuju jer and rase happy least release tension jap.

At first, aku ingat kena masuk air juga training nie .... since organized by CONSIST kann, same place aku buat BOSET dulu....about 2 years back. Rupa nyer cuma training kat classroom jer...more to theory & practical nyer.....learn how to fill up the form for PTW.

Altogether, ade 10 orang yg join training kali nie and all from MMC. So, dah kenal sangat2 lah....cuma a few new peoples just join MMC jer yg aku tak tahu nama but recognized their faces. Tapi after taaruf session....baru lah kenal.... ohhhhh OK. Instructor...En Sharani memang Best sangat...he made the class all the time fun & enjoyable.

We did have presentation for Job safety Analysis. JSA nie requirement before you can fill up the PTW. So, kena lah buat analysis dulu apa keje yang ko nak buat tue. Identify hazard, consequences and finally precautionary measures. Actually, you need to do a presentation on JSA to the owner of the place before you can proceed to do your work. If your JSA is not really convincing them, you'll probably have to repeat on and so forth. Looks annoying but actually it really helpful and you are well prepared for anything that might be happened arround you.

After JSA, baru lah start with PTW for Hot Work and Cold work. Ade two types and you have to identify which one is your work related to. If both could probably involved... than you have to fill up both. Macam2 benda ade kat form to but after this training you are getting familiar to it.

Lot of things, I've learned from this training. Finally baru lah aku tahu....leceh nyer nak fill up PTW nie. So many requirements. Slalu nyer kalau gi Offshore, someone will fillup for you and you just signed (leader jer) but now, Petronas requirement to have PTW for personnel to go for Offshore n Onshore.

Lepas jer aku cakap OK nak gi course nie...Kak Ju my lead Engineer siap cakap lagi...awak nak gi platform Bayam tak? Errkkk....As Builting P&ID....don't think so.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


14th Nov 2010
Location: Hulu langat, Selangor
Elevation: 1493m (Highest Peak Selangor)
Meeting Point: Masjid Batu 9
Starting Time: 7 a.m

Last Sunday, aku n my hiking geng again spending our weekend with most challenging activities....Hiking at Gunung Nuang. Finally, after so many planning since last year till the preparation to Mount KK on May this year....Alhamdulillah we all managed to be here...take this as preparation to Mulu on January. Although, cuma sampai kat Camp Lolo jer but as advise by our guide, for beginner (not beginner to hiking but beginner to this Mount Nuang) better if you try up to camp Lolo je. Later, if you think you're fit enough only then you can decide.

At first, we're planning to conquer the Mount Nuang but since one day is not enough and we have to stay overnight at Camp Pacat (Camping)before can proceed to the peak. Honestly, aku sangat2 teruja first time ade orang ajak gi Camping while hiking....this is my first experience. But....afraid geng2 yang lain tak fit for this Nuang...Julie yg kata nyer x pernah buat apa2 dah lepas turun Mount KK (biar betul), Fad...tak bersedia lagi kata nyer(aku pun tak pasti apa yg dia tak bersedia), Intan with unpredictable mood...n yang lain2 tue aku rasa takde masalah kot....emmhhh...terpaksa lah lupa kan jer. Kang takut plak ade yg naik tak turun2...mau haru biru.

Actually, banyak feedback yg aku dapat from kawan-kawan aku yg pernah pergi...Siew May, Kak Wana, Yeo, Abg Zul n many more...all with different views. Tapi yang pasti nyer...semua pun advise naik sampai Lolo je dulu. Ok...I accept that.

Most people claimed that the view from the peak is not so great compare to other mountains but the satisfaction is great. Also heard that, people going to Mount Everest take this place as place for their training. Is that true?

How to get there?

If you from KL, travel south to Cheras (take Jalan Loke Yew if you're from Jalan Tun Razak, then Jalan Cheras). After Phoenix Plaza, heading to the direction of Kajang. After paying the first toll, you will notice a signboard stated Air Terjun Sg. Gabai on your left hand side. Turn left, then drive along and you will reach a junction with traffic light. You will notice a police station on your right hand side. Turn left and follow the direction of Pekan Batu.18. Go straight and after 20-30 minutes, you will reach Pangsun which is very near the entrance. Ask someone there and they will show you the way to the entrance.

If you're from Kajang, after Toll Batu 11, you will notice a signboard to Air Terjun......on your right hand side. Turn Right, then take left and drive along till you reach (same as above).

Actually, trekking to Lolo camp not as tough as I thought. Jalan tanah merah jer & sloping. The tough one is actually starts from Lolo Camp to the peak. But since our plan is only up to Lolo camp, we didn't feel much challenging. Next time maybe. Itu pun sampai Lolo jer dah spend 3 hours + photography session (wajib ni)...hahaha.

Need to park car here

Entrance to Nuang Trail

All the way to Lolo Camp ni.....there are few places you can rest

All the way to Lolo camp you will find so many bambo trees & could hear also many weird sounds

Trek to Lolo Camp

One of the beautiful view you could find on the way to Lolo camp

Pipe Support
You have to follow this piping route... it will guide you to Lolo camp

We arrived Lolo Camp around 11am, then kita orang pun trus find the best port nak makan2 n mandi. On the way, ade juga lah met with one Uncle nie... yg aku rase memang poyo skit lah. Dia ingat kita orang nie macam first timer jer tp aku tau dia ingat kan kita orang ni nak gi samapi peak kot...that's why dia cakap non-stop. Anyway, dia mmg poyo n kelakar.

Irresistable waterfall...small but really enjoy it

After spending about 2 hours kt atas skit dari Lolo Camp, kita orang pun turun balik. And jalan nak turun memang short compare to jalan nak naik...siap bolah berlari turun lagi. Lebih kurang 10min lagi nak sampai mcm tue...hujan dah start turun and its getting heavy...since aku tak bawa payung....sudah nyer aku pecut sampai kt entrance and around 3pm macam tu dah sampai kt main entrance. Alhamdulillah.

Pipe that will bring you to the ending point before reach Lolo Camp

Hopefully, next trip to Nuang...I will conquer it. Ameen.

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