Friday, December 31, 2010

What I wish for this Year 2011

Bye bye bye 2010...and welcome 2011

Wow...what can I say about 2010? A lot of memory I left it behind. I'm gonna missed 2010 very very very much....I wish I could keep it all the sweet memories with me forever.

Joy, happiness, sad, great things, frustrating..... so many things happend....which I cannot express my feelings. sob...sob...sob

If I could turn back time...wish I could change everything, I want to appreciate everything happened around me, make use of all chances I had & spend wisely every single day of my life.

But what is for sure not happened in 2010....I'm still not married yet....hehehe.

What I have achieved....I've done.... last year???

I've been seconded to Miri Office for 3 months with lots of joyful memories I left it behind. Met with new MMC office mates, learn new cultures, Visit Brunei, meet an old UIA friends & new, fantastic n great friends. Once I started to like the place...I've been called back to KL by Mr K. But what I learn a lot here is....friendship means more than anything.

My Big Boss...Kuldip suddenly resigned. What a suprise??? I heard so many version of stories about His resignation but what ever it is...He is still the best Boss I've ever met ...always take care of His Employees's welfare, unexpected personality...which sometimes I admired n a very good teacher in Instrumentation.

I successfully conquered Mount Kinabalu...the tallest Mountain in Asia Tenggara.

Met with 8 wonderfull tough still single girls at that time lah (but one already married) all really spice up quarter of 365 days of my life with wonderful, fun, joy n challenging activities. Hopefully this year we will continue the hooha activities again. Opening for 2011....yeah go MULU.

I’ve been officially finished my Master after 2 years…Thanks to ALL my master’s friend for being such a wonderful & great friends all the time. I’m gonna missed every single day we’ve been through in completing our assignments, the hardship of finishing our Thesis & of course our memorable n sweet study group every time before exams. Lots of memories I’ve collected with all of you which I sadly cannot let it go. Korang memang Best lah… wish all of you the Best in your next step after this.

Personality.... most of the people around me said...."you've have changed a lot". Now you become more happy, always smiling (ade apa-apa ke), n boleh tahan juga lah cakap and for sure still suka ketawa kuat2 (something out of my control)...hahaha. Whatever it is...I'm still gadis cun n garang yang orang selalu cakap tu.

What I expect for 2011????

Emmhhh...I want to be good Muslimah girl...what is that suppose to mean? Bukan nyer selama ni tak baik pun cuma tak cukup perfect nyer...hehehe, hopefully yeah.

The ending story of my bachelor's life...hopefully Insyallah kalau ade jodoh...Still waiting for my Prince Charming to propose me :-) Ameen. Ya Allah.... kirimkan lah aku kekasih yang baik hati, yang mencintai aku apa ada nya...(Munajat Cinta - by Ahmad Dhani)

To become a good daughter....I felt that so many wrongdoings I've done to my parent for the last year...of course the main reason tak nak dengar cakap Mak n Ayah. But, this year I wanted to do something that my mom cannot say "NO" to what I'm trying to do. My activities for this year still ON but few still I haven't informed my Mom. Sorry Mom like I said no more "NO" because your daughter too hyperactive.

To become more productive this year...jangan fikir ke lain plak, in term of work, I wanted to do something difference in my job for this year...exposure to more challenging works & tasks. thought of changing to a new place but still in planning....tungguuuu je lah...Tengok rezeki tahun ni macam mana yea. Emmhhh....Overseas maybe.

Thinking of further my studies....still thinking of what proposal I wanted to do??? Emhhh...find a supervisor, prepare reports blah blah blah....bila nyer nak start dahhhh.

For sure I'm trying my best to get rid of title "garang" & "Sombong". I don't know how can I get this title but for sure I will make sure this will be no more after this. Bak kata pepatah melayu, tak kenal maka tak cinta. So, to get to know me better, you have to fall in love with me first...OK.

I wish to make everyone around me happy with me and accept me as I am

To become impressive to all the people around me.

To make use of all the chances & try the best to spend all my single day of life perfectly & wisely.

Last but not least....more activities coming soon this year. Full activities till end of April... and really hope to go vacation overseas. many things I wish...which one become my priority....let see n wait.

Ya Allah if you have decided something good n best for grant me all of it, And if you have plan something much better for me...give me guidance so that I will prepare for it .... Ameen.


  1. pjg btol azam ko yer...harap2 tercapai la yer, terutama yg mnunggu prince charming propose ko tuuu...hehehe,sapa la si prince charming idaman hati tu agaknya...

  2. Nama pun azam tahun baru kan...mestilah better than before, improvement from last year n Hijrah ke arah kebaikan...hehehe

    ha'ah sape ntah lelaki yg bertuah tu agak nyer yea :-)

  3. panjangnya! Fiza yg kerek... hahahaah... tp sbnrnya baik hati... tak kenal maka tak cinta...

    moga berjumpa dgn prince charmingnya tak sabar aku nak tgk


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