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14th Nov 2010
Location: Hulu langat, Selangor
Elevation: 1493m (Highest Peak Selangor)
Meeting Point: Masjid Batu 9
Starting Time: 7 a.m

Last Sunday, aku n my hiking geng again spending our weekend with most challenging activities....Hiking at Gunung Nuang. Finally, after so many planning since last year till the preparation to Mount KK on May this year....Alhamdulillah we all managed to be here...take this as preparation to Mulu on January. Although, cuma sampai kat Camp Lolo jer but as advise by our guide, for beginner (not beginner to hiking but beginner to this Mount Nuang) better if you try up to camp Lolo je. Later, if you think you're fit enough only then you can decide.

At first, we're planning to conquer the Mount Nuang but since one day is not enough and we have to stay overnight at Camp Pacat (Camping)before can proceed to the peak. Honestly, aku sangat2 teruja first time ade orang ajak gi Camping while hiking....this is my first experience. But....afraid geng2 yang lain tak fit for this Nuang...Julie yg kata nyer x pernah buat apa2 dah lepas turun Mount KK (biar betul), Fad...tak bersedia lagi kata nyer(aku pun tak pasti apa yg dia tak bersedia), Intan with unpredictable mood...n yang lain2 tue aku rasa takde masalah kot....emmhhh...terpaksa lah lupa kan jer. Kang takut plak ade yg naik tak turun2...mau haru biru.

Actually, banyak feedback yg aku dapat from kawan-kawan aku yg pernah pergi...Siew May, Kak Wana, Yeo, Abg Zul n many more...all with different views. Tapi yang pasti nyer...semua pun advise naik sampai Lolo je dulu. Ok...I accept that.

Most people claimed that the view from the peak is not so great compare to other mountains but the satisfaction is great. Also heard that, people going to Mount Everest take this place as place for their training. Is that true?

How to get there?

If you from KL, travel south to Cheras (take Jalan Loke Yew if you're from Jalan Tun Razak, then Jalan Cheras). After Phoenix Plaza, heading to the direction of Kajang. After paying the first toll, you will notice a signboard stated Air Terjun Sg. Gabai on your left hand side. Turn left, then drive along and you will reach a junction with traffic light. You will notice a police station on your right hand side. Turn left and follow the direction of Pekan Batu.18. Go straight and after 20-30 minutes, you will reach Pangsun which is very near the entrance. Ask someone there and they will show you the way to the entrance.

If you're from Kajang, after Toll Batu 11, you will notice a signboard to Air Terjun......on your right hand side. Turn Right, then take left and drive along till you reach (same as above).

Actually, trekking to Lolo camp not as tough as I thought. Jalan tanah merah jer & sloping. The tough one is actually starts from Lolo Camp to the peak. But since our plan is only up to Lolo camp, we didn't feel much challenging. Next time maybe. Itu pun sampai Lolo jer dah spend 3 hours + photography session (wajib ni)...hahaha.

Need to park car here

Entrance to Nuang Trail

All the way to Lolo Camp ni.....there are few places you can rest

All the way to Lolo camp you will find so many bambo trees & could hear also many weird sounds

Trek to Lolo Camp

One of the beautiful view you could find on the way to Lolo camp

Pipe Support
You have to follow this piping route... it will guide you to Lolo camp

We arrived Lolo Camp around 11am, then kita orang pun trus find the best port nak makan2 n mandi. On the way, ade juga lah met with one Uncle nie... yg aku rase memang poyo skit lah. Dia ingat kita orang nie macam first timer jer tp aku tau dia ingat kan kita orang ni nak gi samapi peak kot...that's why dia cakap non-stop. Anyway, dia mmg poyo n kelakar.

Irresistable waterfall...small but really enjoy it

After spending about 2 hours kt atas skit dari Lolo Camp, kita orang pun turun balik. And jalan nak turun memang short compare to jalan nak naik...siap bolah berlari turun lagi. Lebih kurang 10min lagi nak sampai mcm tue...hujan dah start turun and its getting heavy...since aku tak bawa payung....sudah nyer aku pecut sampai kt entrance and around 3pm macam tu dah sampai kt main entrance. Alhamdulillah.

Pipe that will bring you to the ending point before reach Lolo Camp

Hopefully, next trip to Nuang...I will conquer it. Ameen.


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