Thursday, November 25, 2010

Permit To Work

25 Nov 2010
Consist Training Center
Hulu Kelang

Today....aku off one day for PTW training or precisely Permit to Work. Actually, this is my first time and aku pun cuma gantikan Maamor yang supposely kena pergi but since dia gi Offshore, aku pun replace dia....Kak Ju cakap MMC dah bayar so kena ade replacement. Aku pun dengan hati yg terbuka....setuju jer and rase happy least release tension jap.

At first, aku ingat kena masuk air juga training nie .... since organized by CONSIST kann, same place aku buat BOSET dulu....about 2 years back. Rupa nyer cuma training kat classroom jer...more to theory & practical nyer.....learn how to fill up the form for PTW.

Altogether, ade 10 orang yg join training kali nie and all from MMC. So, dah kenal sangat2 lah....cuma a few new peoples just join MMC jer yg aku tak tahu nama but recognized their faces. Tapi after taaruf session....baru lah kenal.... ohhhhh OK. Instructor...En Sharani memang Best sangat...he made the class all the time fun & enjoyable.

We did have presentation for Job safety Analysis. JSA nie requirement before you can fill up the PTW. So, kena lah buat analysis dulu apa keje yang ko nak buat tue. Identify hazard, consequences and finally precautionary measures. Actually, you need to do a presentation on JSA to the owner of the place before you can proceed to do your work. If your JSA is not really convincing them, you'll probably have to repeat on and so forth. Looks annoying but actually it really helpful and you are well prepared for anything that might be happened arround you.

After JSA, baru lah start with PTW for Hot Work and Cold work. Ade two types and you have to identify which one is your work related to. If both could probably involved... than you have to fill up both. Macam2 benda ade kat form to but after this training you are getting familiar to it.

Lot of things, I've learned from this training. Finally baru lah aku tahu....leceh nyer nak fill up PTW nie. So many requirements. Slalu nyer kalau gi Offshore, someone will fillup for you and you just signed (leader jer) but now, Petronas requirement to have PTW for personnel to go for Offshore n Onshore.

Lepas jer aku cakap OK nak gi course nie...Kak Ju my lead Engineer siap cakap lagi...awak nak gi platform Bayam tak? Errkkk....As Builting P&ID....don't think so.

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  1. nak tanye sikit kak, training PTW petronas title ape ? sharing sikit kak thx


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