Thursday, May 6, 2010

Similajau was Awesome

Wow…what a wonderful experience we had in Similajau. The nice calm weather, beautiful golden sandy beaches & unique trees everywhere near the beach. We managed to arrive Similajau before 10a.m & spending about 4 hours trekking following the Batu Anchau Trail…we took the Circular Trail to reach the Batu Anchau. Through Circular trail…all the way there…we’re surrounded by very attractive and unique mangrove trees. I’ve never seen such a wonderful mangrove trees but this is truly marvelous. Emmmhh…not much unqiue animals could be found but the greenish floras environment makes us feel calm, relaxing & truly enjoyed God wonderful creation. Since, we’re running out of time & taking consideration of other things as well, we agreed to trek up to Viewpoint Only. But this is more than enough & our hard work trekking finally paid off. From View point, we truly enjoyed the beautiful scenery of South China Sea and not to forget MLNG. On the way to park HQ, we took shortcut thru Educational trail…& arrived just in 25minutes jer. Overall, seriously enjoyed & happy sangat2 & Hope to get another chance to be here again….nak enjoy other beautiful beaches that we didn’t manage to go.

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