Monday, May 10, 2010

Crocodile Farm Miri

Last weekend, after so long plan nak gi Croc Farm Miri, finally sampai juga. About 20 minutes juga lah drive from our office kt Jalan Dato’ Muip. The location is at Kuala Baram which is almost near to Brunei Imegresen. Kira dah dekat dengan Border line juga lah nie. The place is quite calm & smelly once you pass the crocodile area. Berendam pun but still….fuhhh….boleh tahan gak bau dia. So, kita orang pun cepat2 lah pass that area to avoid the bad smell. Rasenye, macam kita orang jer yang ade kat Croc Farm tue….tak nampak orang lain dah. Weird, maybe this place is not so popular among other places in Miri. But, since I was so eager to see Croc dari dekat…Aku pushed lah yang mana2 yang tak pernah pergi sini lagi datang. Ok lah, although 5 persons only….this is more than enough to make to Croc Farm havoc for a moment. Actually, not only crocodile here but there are also other animals as well. Birds, monyet, kuda n macam2 lagi lah. Almost 2 hours juga lah kita orang spend but overall memang best n layannn juga lah.

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