Tuesday, May 1, 2012

LRT Treasure Hunt

LRT Treasure Hunt

21, Changkat Bukit Bintang

1st May 2012

At first, I’ve no plan to participate this event but Nadia, my officemate insists me to join her after I forwarded the link of this event. Emmhh… boleh lah. I Never joined any treasure hunt that involve with LRT but to me this is the tougher compare to car & walk hunt challenge which is more relax. Why I said so… you have to find the answers in the moving train. Let say you missed it… opps… either you proceed with next or get the opposite train to return back to get the answers. And the answers can be found at both sides. So, kena crack the answers first before you get into the train… so that, you get some ideas. Believe me, internet with 3G is very very useful at this time to crack the general knowledge answers. Pakai camera pun macam tak membantu sangat… sbb set shutter speed pun still I missed a lot of clues… look & see challenge juga yg berkesan… hehehe. 

Briefing by Rajj

Ni plak cabaran menunggu LRT

First time hunt inside LRT

The challenges

Route Challenge - consists of 25 Questions but we managed to get 15 Questions correct.

Treasure Challenge – got 4 treasures you need to find & we managed to get all correct. 

777 Challenge - you need to perform the challenge @ Berjaya Time Square.  Why 777 challenge?? Because you need to find 7 things @ 7 different 7-eleven outlet @ Berjaya Time Square. Finallly, I knew that there were 7 7-eleven outlets @ Berjaya Time Square. And this is my first time to enter Berjaya Time Square.

Look- See Challenge – out of 6, we managed to get 1 only correct. Looks like, my look & challenge skill not good enough. Maybe should be more creative & think out of the box more next time.

Listen Challenge – last minute the COC cancel, don’t know why but maybe not enough time.

First time you masuk Bar, minum & makan lagi

21 kitchen & Bar @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

To beginners, Nadia & Alia… congrats although 9th place… better than nothing right

At least cover the entry cost to participate this event.

Result of LRT Hunt

Alhamdulillah, tak menang lucky draw pun at least we got 9th place and entitled RM150 & RM50 21, kitchen & Bar voucher (ni terpaksa lah pass kat sapa2 yang slalu gi bar kot… hehehe).

As usual top places, regular hunters… If I’m not mistaken they won the Top 5 Assunta challenge. Although, they keep mention for beginners & non-regular hunters only can participate but the top places always the familiar person.


  1. vahh sonoknyerr.. me pown dh lama x treasure hunt.. uhhuuu

  2. jg nk masok hunt ni..klu da lg gtau ek..nk jadi competitor..kekeke

  3. mana cari info pasal treasure hunt ni? next time nak cuba gak la..

  4. try gi blog ni kalau nak tahu psl latest treasure hunt kt M'sia


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