Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mulu Day 5 - Canopy Walk

Mulu Canopy Walk
Sunday, 16th Jan 2011
9a.m - 11a.m

Our last activity at Mulu... walking on the world's longest tree based walkway in the world. Seriously, long and I felt like no ending when I started to walk....hahaha. Tapi kalau gayat pun bleh jer... tapi my tips pejam mata yea.

On the way to Canopy Walk... passed by this bridge

... and also this bridge... Sungai Paku

Pokok Kasai

Starting of Canopy Walk

Nampak Cool jer minah ni kan

Peace... without fear I completed the walk

If it's rain, we're not allowed to walk on the canopy walkaway. Luckily, by the time we arrived there, the rain has stopped... Alhamdulillah. The suspension bridge was really strong since supported by a very stable big trees i.e. Pokok Kasai and a few others. Every stop between the two bridges you will find a very useful information on every tree...the tree that support the suspension bridge ends. So, not only you walk & having fun but at the same time, you will learn something about the rainforest....trees, floras and faunas. Lots of information you may found during your walk and each of it will have a different interesting stories.

During our canopy walk... Seria did asked us a few tricky questions since kita orang tak banyak tanye. Hahaha....salah satu nyer...

"Pokok kita rich with Nutrien or less with Nutrien"

All of us answered, "Rich with Nutrien".... bagus anak-anak tapi salah was actually less with Nutrien. Tulah masuk hutan je selalu tapi tak pernah pun nak belaja ilmu alam. Seria pun explained lah dekat kami semua why it was less with Nutrien?....rupa-rupa nyer sebab lapisan bumi sekarang ni dah semakin nipis that's why it less with Nutrien.

Seria cakap semakin lama dia belajar pasal ilmu alam nie ...dia rase semakin takut cos dia dapat membayangkan apa yang akan jadi pada mase akan datang dengan keadaan bumi yang sekarang nie. Maybe because she's a kristian so she believed with what she had seen and explored but as a Muslim we can believe on that as preparation but we have to remember that everything happened is coming from Him (Allah).

So nice

Kenapa daun ni berlubang? Can u guess why?

You could see this unique flower

Plan for next time trip to Mulu... Insyallah

End of our Canopy Walk

With Sirea...our guide of the day... nice knowing Her

Supergirl group... but ter missed one cute girl

Finally end our trip....see u again Mulu

Can't wait for our next trip tu Mulu conquering Mount Mulu. Wait n See.

- The End -

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