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Jelawang Part 4 - Two peaks Waterfall

2nd Feb 2011
Jelawang Waterfall
Dabong, Kelantan

Day 3: Two peaks waterfall

Seawal 6.15 pagi kami dah bangun, pagi nie dah plan nak duk kat atas Jelawang peak nak saksikan keindahan carpet awan yang macam kat FB Spark a.k.a Azli Salih. Tunggu punye tunggu ade juga lah awan tapi takde lah yang macam dalam gambar Spark tu. Memory card & battery dah banyak abis kat photoshoot session kat peak jer nie…emmhhh. A bit frustrated juga lah because I really wanted to see the magic. Maybe, today is not our day… never mind we still have tomorrow to see the what people so called “carpet awan”. Hopefully, ya. Since, we’ve been waiting for almost one & half hour and nothing happened, so, kita orang pun decide balik kat Camp and prepare for breakfast.

This is what I've been waiting for "carpet awan" but nothing happened during our time there (anyway credit to Azli Salih for this beautiful photo)

Masa tengah masak2 tu, Uncle datang borak2… tanye kalau kita orang nak naik Stong. Aku tak kisah sebenarnyer, memang ade hati pun tapi memikirkan geng2 lain macam tak prepare for this, terpaksa lah lupakan niat aku yang murni tu. Tapi Uncle harap sangat kita orang dapat datang lagi and conquer not only Ayam n Stong but all the nine mounts…. Overall 6 days 5 night juga lah nak kena spend kat Jelawang. And His willing to guide us… maybe Uncle ni nampak kami ni bersungguh-sungguh. Sebelum ni kalu kami gi hiking mana2 semua pun macam tak caya jer kami boleh buat. But, Uncle nie slightly different… He trusted us. Aku tiba2 teruja and bersemangat plak. Insyallah Uncle… selagi ada hayat. We’ll keep that promise. But what makes me wondering, macam mana Uncle Adam tahu our group name “Geng Gunung”, aku surprise juga, everytime pun kalu dia nak panggil kita korang dia akan called it as Geng Gunung. Rupa2 nyer Adeq yang kasi tau cos Uncle adam did asked her and she spontaneously said “Geng Gunung” cos itu je pun yang terkeluar kata nyer. Apa-apa lah, anyway I like.

Breakfast menu as usual… Nasi lemak with Ready made Sambal by Spark, Cucur & Teh “O”. Maybe next time I shud propose other menu to Spark so that ade lah skit variety everytime kita orang gi Camping takde lah menu yang sama jer. Spark pun dah kasi greenlight kat aku suruh propose menu for our next trip…ke mana lah agak nye yea. Kita orang breakfast around 10 a.m and after that prepared for our next trekking to two peaks waterfall.

We're ready for the two peaks waterfall

All you need to bring… as usual drinking water, foods, snacks, raincoat & suitable shoes (recommended rubber shoes) since you will be trekking mostly on the slippery stones and walking thru the water… and not forgetting, you may need to slide too if u taking the waterfall track. Looks challenging right but trust me it was fun… especially the sliding part. I wish I could do again next time. Really missed it.

We started our trip to two peaks waterfall around 11 p.m. And it takes about 1 hour to get there. On the way to highest peak, we first took the jungle track. Only when we almost getting there, just then we started to walk thru the waterfall track to get to the top. The track quite tough and you need to be cautioned all the time. We reached the top around 12 p.m plus and spend about 1 hour there… picnic & taking photos. It was really fantastic to see with your own eyes the beautiful view of the two peaks waterfall… which is the Mount Stong’s peak & Mount Ayam’s peak. Masyallah, Allah has made it the waterfall the perfect one.

First waterfall we met on the way to the top

You have to get thru this on the way to the top

One of the challenging track

We almost there

Waterfall form Mount Ayam's peak

Waterfall from Mount Stong's Peak

We took a different route on the way back to our campsite... crossing the waterfall

On the way back, Uncle Adam guided us thru the waterfall path where at certain places u need to slide to go down. This is really unforgettable moment. Actually, I did this before but it’s different from Jelawang… more fun and more challenging. There is a technique when you want to do the sliding, you need to bend your upper body a bit front and then both your hands should hold your pant or put your both hands at your knees. So, when you slide, it looks safer and nice to see. But, it depends on people, if you think this is not helpful then you can do either way… maybe put your hands both at side and slide… or freestyle, any style that makes you comfortable. But, make sure you must know how to control when you reach down. Looks like I’m doing good haa… but actually not, I preferred the freestyle since I loose control starting from the beginning.

One of the fantactis waterfall at Jelawang

Telaga tujuh... count yourself

Of course the best part is 10 meters Sliding Show. Mase nie ingat kan guys only but suddenly we’ve been challenged by Uncle Adam our Guide, “Jangan panggil Geng Gunung kalu korang semua tak sliding” … Fuhhh terbakar kejap. Apa lagi semua pun letak camera masing2, sahut cabaran Uncle…. Start with Fad, Julie n Adeq. Yang lain standby kt bawah amik video n photos. Guess what? Macam2 aksi boleh tengok…seriously best giler… and aksi aku lah yang paling bahaya. Lepas tu, rase nak buat lagi jer…hehehe. One of my favourite experience ever. Ok lah tu… nampak sangat geng Gunung ni pantang dicabar yea.

Ready your position



Just after successfully sliding... kat belakang tu jer

The sliding show was our last activity for that day. It’s already 5pm and we need to get back to our Camp… changed cloths and prepare for Dinner… our menu that night, western style and Barbeque. Layann.

Barbeque time

Masak-masak for Dinner

Dinner time

To be continued. 

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  1. Hi Fiza,

    I read through your blog about G.Stong. Nice article :)
    anyway i'm planning for a trip there.Do you still have uncle adam's contact details? If you have, could you please share with me? I'll be very useful for us.

    Thank you.

    Sangeeta Mahalingam


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