Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jelawang Part 2 - Cave Tour

1st Feb 2011
cave tour

From Uncle Adam's Shop, it took about 15 minutes to these caves. Kita orang naik Van yang telah disediakan oleh Uncle Adam. All you need to usual...torchlight or headlamp (better), suitable hiking shoes cos they were places where you need hiking, snacks (option), drinking water and last but not least camera to capture unexpected moment.

Gua Ikan... kami tak sempat ke Gua Ikan for caving since not enough time

We arrived at the cave gathering area around 1.30pm, actually by this time it's already late for us yang nak gi Camp Baha to do caving. If you want to do the caving, you need to spend at least 2 hours to really feel the adventure. So, we had been given 2 choices by Uncle Adam... the tough one or the relaxing one. Emmhhh...frankly speaking, actually if we had enough time of cos we wanted to do caving but since we're already running out of time plus the late arrival of our train... we had no choice other than to choose the easier and relaxing tour. Semua pun agreed. Ok, let's go.

Briefing by our guide... Uncle Adam yang memang Best lah

After a short (not really actually) briefing by Uncle Adam, kita orang pun proceed to gua yang hendak dituju... you need to cross the road to these cave and then masuk semak samun dulu... only then you will find the track to first cave. Wow, seriously challenging too... you need hiking to get into cave's entrance. It's OK we already get use to it.

Starting of tour...

Need trekking on the way to First cave... Gua Pagar

The first entrance to the cave we had been briefed by Uncle Adam about the cave do's and don'ts you have to follow while you were in the cave. For example…you cannot touch the formation inside the cave... why? I think I already explained this in my previous entry on Mulu cave tour. The reason still the same... it will change the color of the formation if it is in contact with human skin. Uncle Adam ade cakap juga, kalau nak wat caving you kena pakai macam angkasawan... so, faham2 lah maksud dia.... ayat tersirat.

While tour inside the cave, you may found so many unique and fantastic limestone formation… welcoming frog, Michael Jordan Shoe, Cave curtain, Elephant’s trunk and so many others. And not forgetting “Guano”… not limestone formation but kind of bat’s output. Uncle Adam did explained everything unique, we could find inside the caves and His explanation really-really interesting and useful… especially to young generation like us.

Beautiful Stalactites formation you could see at the entrance of the first cave

Unique flora you may found at this cave... Vaughan's Balsam

Spider web on the ground... one way of protecting themself

Welcoming frog at Gua Pagar

Can u imagine this

After the first cave, we proceed to Gua Keris. On the way to Gua Keris you need to walk about 10 minutes from first cave to reach the next cave entrance that will lead you the Gua Keris. Kena trekking lagi. Before nak reach Gua Keris, kena pass another cave... not sure what its name but after tangga jer kena jatuhkan badan skit and meniarap nak melepasi laluan sempit dipermulaan nyer saja. Kejap jer pun. Lepas tu boleh berdiri secara normal balik yea and proceed.

Entrance to Gua Keris

That is is called Gua Keris... fantastic limestone Keris formation, combination of Stalactite & Stalagmite

Unique Formation

Cave flow... cause the formation of the above Column limestone formation

You could see the cave flow is in the middle... the darkened side

Not only the unique limestone formation, you could see the beautiful of stalactites and stalagmites during you tour inside the cave.

This formation looked like an elephant... the trunk maybe

Ukur kasut di kaki sendiri

View from inside Gua Keris... Awesome haa

Can u imagine this... nampak mcm rahang haiwan jer

In front of Gua Keris

Crystal Deposit Land.... it will sparkle if you pointing the light, minerals + salt

On the way back from Gua Keris, I found Pinnacle formation just like Pinnacle in Mulu. Exactly the same. I think any limestone cave will have this kind of formation. Hahaha... I really missed Mulu's Pinnacle.

Kat sini pun ade pinnacle juga

I felt bit disappointed because the cave was not properly taken care as we could see so many vandalism here and there. You could see so many unwelcomed notes inside the cave…. Aku rase ini keje budak2 muda kita lah ni. I think kelantan state should take these thing seriously because the caves could become potentially world heritage area…who knows right….could be. Macam kat Mulu, the caves are properly taken care, thus, you cannot easily enter without guide and it was locked all the time and can only be visited if there is cave tour.

The caves here maybe different from the one in Mulu but still it has its own unique value and special characteristic which we should appreciate and be proud to.
Our cave tour ended around 3pm and after that we proceed back to Uncle Adam's shop for lunch and preparation for next trip to Baha's Camp. I felt really regret after having lunch while enjoying the very powerful sambal... seriously kick. Macam mana lah aku boleh lupa aku nak kena hiking lepas tu... errrggghhh... merana tak sudah malam tu kat Camp Baha.

Julie... teringat kat Abang Baha Airforce juga.... hehehe.

To be continued...


  1. sekali lagi, aku rasa mcm menonton national geographic... aku takleh nak tulis mcm ygk o tulis...

  2. Tak yah tulih... tulis apa yg ko rase nk tulis asalkn layan

  3. Waa.. best nyer.. first time baca pasal caving di Malaysia..

    And the main thing.. cantik gua2 nie.. kat kelantan..?? jauh la pulak nak pi hahaha..

    Salam Kenal ..


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