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Mulu Day 4 - Deer & Lang Caves, Bat Exodus

Saturday, 15th Jan 2011

We arrived Mulupark around 1 p.m. and check-in again. Mase check-in, I was entertained by other person pulak. Mase tu tak tahu lagi nama dia tak sempat tanye... tapi bila dia check activity kita orang petang tu... dia cakap kat aku nanti kumpul 2.30 petang ya... and He introduced himself as our guide for next trip to Deer n Lang cave...OK.

This time we need to move to another Chalet just next to our previous chalet. Anyway this one also nice.

The next activity after returned to Mulupark... Le tour to Deer & Lang caves. This time you don't need a boat ride but you need to walk from Mulupark to these two caves. It takes us about 45 minutes juga lah to get there through plank walk. Kebetulan masa tu hujan so kita orang no choice other than to proceed... with our raincoat. Best juga jalan dalam hujan nie....sesekali kan but carefull the plank walk might be slippery if you walk with unsuitable shoes.

Emmhhh....jalan lagi. Mase on the way to Lang cave sempat juga lah aku borak2 dengan our guide, Harison... kata jalan sekali kan. He's very friendly and quite kelakar juga. His from Miri actually cuma after finished His studies dia keje dengan Mulupark. Lepas tu, Bos dia siap hantar dia gi Australia sambung belaja dalam bidang batu. Dia cakap dulu dia tak pandai cakap Bahasa omputih tapi lepas keje situ tiap2 malam dia belaja dengan Bos dia sampai lah jadi pandai... sampai jadi world heritage guide. Best nyer. His stories not end just like that....banyak lagi dia citer tapi yang lain tu tak penting sangat pun.

Apa yang penting nak citer pasal Lang cave pulak. The first cave we entered.

Could see different colors of Limestone

Beautiful formation inside Lang cave

Water from stalactites.... ade pond lagi


Jelly Fish formation...Fantastic

Our guide of the day....cute Harison

Next is... Deer Cave. This cave was known as the largest cave passage in the world. Deer cave ni actually is home to more than 12 species of bats.

Why it is called Deer Cave... long time ago local deer discovered that "Guano" (or bats output) contains salt. So, they always coming here for that. But, since the local people know that the deer needed salt, so, they waited here to hunt them. So, that's how Deer cave got its name. ohhh....macam tu citer nyer.

Abraham Lincoln's Profile at Deer cave
The most popular cave formation in Deer cave... fantastic right

View from inside Deer cave

Eden of Pool Garden... could only be seen from far

View from inside Deer Cave...Awesome

Kami dah tour gua nie...sangat cantik

Kami nak pergi tengok kelawar plak

Place to see Bat Exodus

We're waiting for the bats...sambil2 makan

Ade satu citer kelakar mase kita orang kat tempat tunggu bats exodus. We met a few korean frens...actually dia orang ni High school student from Korean. Dia suddenly approached kita orang just to ask about the tudung Yat pakai... hahaha... kata nyer nak buat souveniers pulang to Korea nanti. Tapi citer kita orang bukan pasal tudung jer.... pasal benda lain juga. T-rah tiba2 over excited plak dah jumpa org Korea ni....mula lah start siter....Marry me Mary lah...Shinee...semua citer kt Channel kt KBS tu lah dia nak citer. Apa lagi over excited juga lah Korean students nie... siap melompat-lompat lagi. Kita orang pun apa lagi tumpang gelak besar lah...especially aku yang memang suke gelak-gelak ni. Dia pun macam terkejut giler kita orang tahu semua pasal Korea. Dia tak tahu among kita orang nie, T-rah tu fanatic. But, it was really a very kelakar moment with them.

With our new Korean Friends...dia org nie memang kelakar lah

Kita orang sempat mengabdikan kenangan dengan Korean nie...walaupun dia orang tak pandai cakap omputih tapi kita orang layan je lah. Our story end when suddenly a millions of bats started to came out from the cave.

The formation was really fantastic and beautiful. Lambat juga kelawar ni keluar... dah dekat2 pukul 6 baru nak keluar. So, we had to return back to Mulupark a bit late....and by that time dah gelap pun.

Anyway, I really enjoyed.

Bats formation

Fantastic formation.... How they do that

To be continued.

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