Saturday, February 26, 2011

KL Heritage Xplorace

saturday, 26th February
KL Tower

Last week event, I joined with my ex-collegue, Geng Gunung fren Kay n Huzz. Since the rest of Geng Gunung seemed not interested, so, only three of us. Anyway, it was really fun to have my first time to join KL Heritage xplorace... ala-ala kat TV tu lah but the differences only, no cameras following you and no air tickets :D. The event started sharp at 10 a.m. and we need to complete all the task given within 5 hours.


Geng Gunung yg setia

1st Task

You have to answer 10 simple questions

Q1-Q4: A simple maths calculation (even kindergarten school children can answer this)
Q5: What is the height of KL Tower?
Q6: How many levels of Tower Head available at KL Tower?
Q7: At what level Restoran berputar KL Tower?
Q8: What is the oldest tree and how old is the tree which available at KL Tower?
Q9: In what year KL Tower was officially launched?
Q10: How many state houses are available at KL Tower 1 Malaysia Cultural Village ?
Q11: What is the wedding package between KL tower in association with Felda D'saji?
Q12: Where is Dewan Perdana Felda is located?

Isn't that simple? Hahaha...answers just around the KL Tower.

2nd Task

You need to go to the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve or known as taman Eko Rimba KL to find the next clue. But before that, u need to answer 5 types of trees you may found at this Eko Rimba. Actually, me n my partner did not read the insruction properly... we answered all the questions. We're supposed to answer one part only....hahaha. Takpelah, tak susah pun... the answers are already available at the trees and herbs information board. It is just that we already wasting our 5 minutes there.

Not yet finished... we need to go to the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve field to find the next clue. The task is you need to find a treasure with the help of compass and bearing given. We skipped this task since I couldn't stand to see people destroyed the soil. Kata forest reserve tapi kasi task macam nak hancurkan nyer plak... emmhhh.

3rd task

After that we proceed to Museum Telecom for our next clue.
From KL tower we took a shortcut thru Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve to Telekom Museum... 15minutes juga lah berlari. But this time I still full of energy... so memang layan lah. I think this my first time been here. Usually I only knew it... as I passed by the Museum but never thought of visiting it. But today, just for the sake of the KL Heriatge Xplorace... I had to.
Our first task here was to answer 5 simples questions and all about the History of Telecom. The anwers are just inside the Museum.... all u need was to run and find the right answers.
This time we need to answer 5 questions about History of Telecommunications.
Q1: In what year was the first telegraph submarine cable linking Malaysia and Indonesia built?
Q2: Who and what year was the telephone invented?
Q3: In what yeara was the first telephone excahge installed in Kuala Lumpur?
Q4: Who and what year was the radio invented?
Q5: In what year was the first Royal Malaysia Radio that linked Pulau Ketam to Port Klang made?

After we succefully finished answering the 5 questions, next, we need to go down and complete the next task for our next clue. Task nyer... with the help of tradiotional sumpit, you need to shoot one of the 5 ballons about 3 meters just in front of you. Alhamdulillah, I managed to hit the target on the 2nd trial. Got 10 marks and proceed with the next clue.

4th Task

Proceed to the "The Big Ben of Malaysia"... located at Sultan Abdul Samad Building. The task is we need to do Chinese Traditional Dragon Dance to get to the next clue. Apa lagi kena menari lah...luckily aku tukang kipas jer... orang lain kena jadi Naga yea... hihihi. Tak kisah lah sape2 pun...yang penting kerjasama. My first time to do these kind of dance... anyway it was fun.

Dragon Dance

5th Task

We need to go to Dayabumi or previously known as Petronas Headquaters. The task was simple where you need to complete a jigsaw puzzle within 2 minutes. Yes, we did within the 2 minutes but the time keeper said that we already exceeding it. I think he started counting when we're still not ready yet. He supposed to shout 1,2,3 next time... eergghhh. We still got the next clue but not full marks for our task. Whatever.

6th task

The next clue… we need to go to the field where the Union flag was lowered and Malaysia Flag was hoisted for the first time at the Midnight of 31st August 1957. Dataran Merdeka lah. The task for this….bowling padang. You need to aim 5 bottles with 5 old coconuts. You will get 2 marks for each drop. We dropped only four…so 8 marks only. Ok lah tu.

Fast Forward Task

If you performed this task, you can skip one task and jump to the next one. Not only that… you will save your time a lot. We did try but of course not me, my partner. Thanks for giving a try. Can u imagine… standing underneath the sun just waiting for fast forward task… raising the flag by using either your forehead or shoulder. We stand for about half an hour just for our turn. We almost done but still failed when my partner almost reaching the finishing line. He really worked hard for that but maybe not our luck, so, we had to proceed to the next clue.

This is the Fast Forward Task

Long Queue just to try your luck in fast Forward

7th Task

Proceed to DBKL for our next task and clue. Actually if we did the Fast Forward task we can skip this task. This time the task was only to answer 5 questions related to DBKL.

Q1: Who’s launching the DBKL Building?
Q2: When it was launched?
Q3: Who’s the first Mayor?
Q4: What is the slogan for DBKL?
Q5: How many “Keris” in DBKL Logo?

All the anwers you can get by asking at the receptionist or you can find at the entrance of the building.

8th Task
The next clue… we need to go to Chandran Florist stall selling Bunga Malai which is located at Jalan Masjid India. I knew this place. The task is you need to do Kalung Bunga Malai as displayed… not a big one just a small one. My mistake… I didn’t see properly how they tie-in the flower to the rope, so, we didn’t get full mark.

9th Task

After finished the task, we need to go to another place while briging the Bunga Malai together to complete the task. The place was just outside the Traditional Malay costume shop along masjid India. What u need to do is… you need to wear Complete Malay costume “Baju Melayu”. Guess what??? I was the one who wearing the costume not my partner. The reason, cepat skit kalau pompuan yg pakai. Since we’re running out of time, I’ll just wear it with the help of my partner and the result… macam orang tak cukup umur pakai baju Melayu… besar gedabak… hahaha. Never mind… just to get the clue for the next task.

1oth Task
Our next task… we need to go to Pre-war buildings just nearby Sheraton Imperial Hotel. It takes us 20 minutes to get there and we had to walk very fast since we only have 1 hour left to finish the race. We arrived there and we need to complete a simple task to get the next clue. The task is you need to move 50 peanuts with the help of chopstick into another pot within 2 minutes. Of course it will time consuming if we take one by one but what we did was… every time we moved the peanuts we carry about 5 to 6 and even more in one time. And we managed to complete it within 40 seconds only, bravo.

11th Task

Next clue we need to go to Dewan Tuanku Abdul Rahman which is the building where Malayan Parliament Conference was first held. But, it was long time ago but now this buiding serves as the tourism information center. We need to register in the guest book and just then we got our next task. The task is... Dancing.

I luv this task. My first time to dance the Sarawak Heritage… Ngajat Dance. After almost 10 years I left my traditional scholl dance… now I’m back. It was really enjoyable and wonderful experience dance Ngajat along with Ngajat song by Noraniza Idris. Although it was only for 2 minutes but it was fun. After that we need to go to the field just outside the building the find the next clue but before that we need to answer 5 questions related to MaTIC. All the answers are just around that area and you need to figure out yourself.

Kelakar pulak bila playback video part nie :D

Last Task
The last one... we need to get back to KL Tower to finish the last task. During this time, each of us already tired and we just walk all the way to the KL Tower. As we reached there, we still had 15 minutes left before the race end. So, we decided to report first before perform absailing to get an xtra points and get the last stamp.

All pass

After that we proceed to one side at KL Tower to perform absailing for extra 10 points. I was the one who did for my team n also Huzz. Kay kata nyer sakit kaki. It was fun although it was only 5 meters height. My first time too. After this, I want to try the more challenging one.

Absailing, extra 10 points

Last one is the price giving ceremony. Although we knew that we will not get any chance to win but still we came to give support to our new friends, reporters and our Malaysian artist. The winner goes to Iron Man. Congrats.

The winner goes to... Iron Man

Although we managed to complete all the tasks given within the given time but still we did not win the race. Too many contestants and I could see everyone is working hard for the race. It was like everyone is aimed for the champion. I really proud of myself for giving a try and pushing my partner until the end of the race.


  1. eh... bkn soalan math tu mula2 ko tak dpt jawab ke? heehehehe...

    abseiling 5m, apa thrill... jom kita buat yg tinggi lg... aku dan huzz pernah buat yg tinggi lg, kaki boleh melekap kat dinding...

    ko carik, pastu kita p... seingt aku taman cahya seri alam, ada flying fox je...

    aku nak citer pasal explorace nih, pun takde gambo gak, cilok gmbo ko boleh?

    apa2 hal pun, thanx a lot! mmg best!

  2. Sebab aku dah biase yg susah tu yg bila dpt soalan senang aku blurr skit :-D

    Tak salah aku ade satu pkg rafting skali dgn absailing... nnt aku ngk camne yea.

    Amik lah, kay aku redha :-D tp kalu menang peraduan jgn lupa kan akuuuu

    Memang best sangat really enjoyed it.

  3. yup! pengalaman yang sangat best! thanks to Kay, my teamate dan juga nurul dan teamate nye. sampai skarang aku x tau nama dia weh :D. baca kat blog kay baru tau..hehehh

    if boleh snap gambar every checkpoint dan task2 kena buat, lagi best kan

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. nice race, atleast u got to finish it kan?

    saya grab gmbr mamat yg menang tu. thanks :)


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