Thursday, January 31, 2013

Again... My Last day

JULY 11th, 2011 - FEB 3rd, 2013

Today, officially is my last working day with Aker, my second company after mmcog. Hanya mampu bertahan setahun setangah saja... not really a good record but what to do I have my own reason. Alhamdulillah, walaupun tak mampu bertahan lama tapi at least I' m happy to be part of this team. Since dah ade pengalaman last day ni so, takdelah serabut sangat sebab sempat buat checklist before leaving.

My Checklist before leaving
  • Farewell Party (hahaha, ni dah celebrate 3 weeks earlier) 
  • Clear own working area (desk etc.) 
  • Submit last timesheet & make sure approved by HOD (penting ni kalau tak gaji hold OK) 
  • Employer Exit Clearance Form (kalau boleh settle kan semua yang tertunggak tu dulu) 
  • Say bye bye to ALL… sob sob sob (bab ni yang tak boleh tahan nie... alhamdulillah, I managed to handle it)

Exit Clearance Form to be settled

Reminder (to do list) Last Week...
  • Backup Personal File (Cut & Paste) 
  • Backup Archive 
  • Copy all project related Documents 
  • Important Email to send to personal email (temporary before get new company’s email) 
  • Clear Cache (Internet Explorer) 
  • Clear Favorite folder IE (Cut & Paste) 
  • Clear all folder & Documents in PC (Desktop, My Documents, Archive email, personal folder etc.) 
  • Delete all content in Recycle Bin

My cubicle... Before

.... and after
yang tinggal tu semua company property, hehehe

Harapan aku, semoga segalanye berjalan lancar di sana nanti. Ameen

Last but not least, pray for my new job at my new company.

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