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Trans East Java Day 1: Kota Gede & Malioboro

5 Jan 2013, Saturday
Kota Gede - Molioboro

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Another 30 minutes journey from Prambanan area to Kota Gede. Tempat dia macam terletak kat tempat perkampungan skit. Actually, this place closed at 4 p.m but since kami ni special case sikit, so, sempat lah melawat lagi. Because, by the time we arrived, it was already 4.30 p.m.

Kota Gede means Big City but it’s actually not a city. The place is famous by its silver where we can find silver shops everywhere.  

We spent about 30 minutes in one of the Silver Handicraft at Kota Gede where our guide brought us. This place sells silver ornaments, souvenirs and everything that's related to silver. The price is depending on the designs and the difficulties. But, to me, everything here was expensive & some of it was over-priced and I ended up not buying anything at all. I would say don’t waste your time here unless you’re truly interested in silver stuff. Otherwise, spend more time in Prambanan or Borobudur. But, if you’re budgetary traveller, don’t ever come here… hehehe. 

Beside the silver, Kota Gede is an old town with beautiful architecture. But, since we don't have much time, our tour is limited to Handicraft shop only. I think the best time to visit Kote Gede is in the afternoon where you can explore many things at this area.

Kota Gede Silver Handicraft

The Silverworks

So many unique and creative design

Borobudur, the loving couples & earrings

Before we proceed to Malioboro street, kita orang singgah dinner di Restauran Sederhana yang menghidangkan Nasi Padang. Masa ni macam malas nak fikir dah sebab penat plus lapar, so, kita orang agreed jer bila Pak Budi suggest makanNasi Padang with IDR50K (≈RM15) per person. Lauk dia boleh tahan lah. Lauk memang banyak pilihan tapi semua dihidangkan dalam kuantiti yang sikit. Contoh, kalau ayam goreng tu adelah dalam 3 ketul je dia kasi. So, pandai-pandai lah korang. Walaupun banyak pilihan tapi tak semua menjadi pilihan kami. Dan ade yang kami tak sentuh lansung pun. Bila minta tukar lauk yang kami tak makan dengan ayam goreng... lauk lain pulak yang dia kasi. Sepatut nye kami diberi pilihan untuk memilih lauk sendiri. Barulah setimpal dengan bayaran IDR50K. 

Dinner Nasi Padang

Aneka Lauk di Restoran Nasi Padang

Molioboro Street 

After about 1 hour dinner, we proceed to our last destination for today... Malioboro Street. 

Jalan Malioboro is a major shopping street in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; the name is also used more generally for the neighborhood around the street. It lies north-south axis in the line between Yogyakarta Kraton and Mount Merapi. Malioboro itself is significant to many of the local population. The street is the centre of Yogyakarta's largest tourist district surrounded with many hotels and restaurants nearby. Sidewalks on both sides of the street are crowded with small stalls selling a variety of goods.

By the time we arrived there, it was already dark.. night time in Jogja city.

Kami tak berkesempatan pun bergambar di sini sebab keadaan yang tak mengizinkan

Sempat rembat beg ni satu sebab nampak cute sangat

Night in Malioboro Street

The colors of Malioboro

Can be found only at Malioboro Street

Macam-macam ade

Kami sempat shopping about 1 hour only. Itu pun kami mestilah dalam linkungan pandangan Pak Budi saja tau. Hilang sikit... siap lah. So, memang agak terbatas lah pergerakan kami. Lansung tak dibenarkan berjauhan antara satu sama lain. From time to time, dia buat head count. Aku ingat lagi macam mana risau nye dia lepas Kay n Boboi terlepas dari pandangan dia.... waduhhh... hura hara. Kami yang ada ni jadi mangsa dia kena membebel lah. Lepas dah jumpa, terus kami semua diarah balik.

Tak sempat pun nak shopping sangat sebab dah kena paksa balik. Baliklah kami ke Hotel.

Memang tak enjoy lansung trip on the 1st day. Penat and tension... and macam-macam perasaan yang tak best lagi lah. 

Vacation should be something enjoyable and place to release your tension but turned out to be a really stressful day.

OK nite... tak tahulah apa citer nye esok plak nie :-(

To be continued...

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