Friday, May 6, 2011

What I don’t really like this time... Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu
6-8 April 2011

Kali ni ade one thing yang aku betul2 tak satisfy dengan arrangement having made by Sutera Sanctuary. Masa aku sampai baru aku tahu yang not only booking package ade new rules and regulations but other few things as well. Especially meals… I think this time, this become a very hot topic in our Kinabalu trip this time. From MNR café until at Laban Rata café…all with different stories. Tapi aku rase kat MNR café tu dari last year lagi tak pernah suka kami local people… it was like we’re unwelcomed. Come on, we paid OK not FOC. You should treat us like others. What so special about Korean, mat salleh or whatever outsiders. Minta polistrene & plastic pun… muka… ya Allah macam kami ni buat a really big mistakes of asking that. I don’t mind even I have to pay for that but pleaseeee don’t show us your ugly face… I cannot stand to see that. Our intention that time is to save the food since we cannot finish it that morning. Luckily aku tak angin pulak masa tu boleh senyum jer memanjang with the hope that they might consider that… reverse phycology yea. Agak2 nyer kalau kakak aku ader masa tu, mau dihambur jea receptionist kat café tu… hehehe. KLMJ.

Masa kat Laban Rata citer lain plak, pasal food juga. Kita orang arrived agak lambat pukul 6.30 p.m macam tu. Masa tu dapat sms dari yang lain maybe will arrive late so, since food not much left for dinner aku pun buatlah arrangement dengan café kat situ suruh tapow kan utk 4 persons and 3 guides. Rupa nyer Guides takde dinner … aku terlepas cakap plak. So, aku pun punye lah cari idea macam mana nak tapow kan for our guides. Luckily, 1 hour after that Jol n Fik pun sampai, and masa tu dinner yg tapow dah ader kat aku. So, aku suruh dua orang tu makan dulu so that aku bleh lah kasi kat guide nanti. Rupa2 nyer we’re being watched, orang café kat situ asyik duk datang kat aku tanye geng2 aku dah sampai blum. Aku rase 3 kali juga lah dia datang tanye… tapi everytime dia datang pun aku cakap… not yet (dengan senyuman paling menawan)… so, dah jemu dia pun stop… eventough aku rase dia dah dapat agak. Who cares???… yang penting niat aku baik. Padahal masa tu memang adeq n Fad je yang tak sampai lagi. Pelik sungguh, benda2 kecik macam ni pun nak jadikan issue… come on, makanan banyak jer lagi masa tue. Again, we have paid OK… aku nak makan banyak mana pun peduli apa (walaupun agak mustahil bagi aku)… buffet kan, you don’t have to ask so many stupid questions.

Luckily, they did not asked anything masa supper.

Not ended like that. Citer masa kami dah sampai kat Kinabalu Park. OK, this time we cannot replace lunch with Dinner… new rules juga. Tapi yang tak puas hati nyer, kasi nasi goring yg sangat banyak nasi nyer lepas tue tabor dengan ayam rebus yang dah dipotong kecik2… tengok pun memang hilang selera walaupun masa tu aku sangat lapar. Tak sempat plak aku nak capture masa tu. Hilang semua mood… walaupun Berjaya naik n turun.

I’m still not understood why they create this stupid rules. How can you expect every people to reach early or almost the same time at Timpohon gate. Different people might have different stamina and speed… one might fast and the other might slow. Like our team, since two members already injured, this might slow down our descending time. Eventhough, I could make it within 3 and half hours from Laban Rata to Timpohon Gate but still I have to wait for other teamates before we can proceed. We work as a team. Everything has to be done together…remember that.

Masa nak booking pun.... hal lain plak. This time, you cannot ask the breakdown price when you do the booking. All packages will have the same price. Even if you did not stay at Laban Rata resthouse, you still have to pay the same amount even if you stay at Panar Laban Hut and Gunting Lagadan Hut. To me, this is really unfair. Laban Rata is much better than other resthouse up there, you shud consider that even without the heater.

To Sutera Sanctuary, please be more organize. This is one of Malaysian Heritage that we should proud to. People come all over the world just to see the magnificent of Mount Kinabalu. Don’t spoil all these things just because of your new unacceptable rules.


  1. aku juga teringt kat akak aku...

    tulis surat official la nurul

  2. surat official??? Kt akak ko ke kt SSH

  3. hahah kat SSH la nurul :p. kena ada orang yg bawa isu ni.


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