Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 2... Mesilau to Laban Rata

7th April 2011
Mesilau Trail, Mount Kinabalu

We started a bit late this time around 9.30 a.m after breakfast and a short briefing by one of our guide, Pak James Jaibi. This time, we had 3 guides, Gojes hired personel guide, Pak Jimin... and the other 6 of us shared the same guide which also our potter, Pak Jurinin and Pak James. Our guides memang Best and sporting… luv them all… the best guide ever.

I was not so rushing like what I did last time in the same track. This time, I preferred to be more relax and steady… why?? I don’t wanna miss every single beautiful thing along the Mesilau Track. It was awesome and very nice view along the Mesilau track which I guaranteed… none of you are not gonna miss it.

This time, every KM we've reached; we will take photos at the KM signboard. I’m not sure if I will repeat the same thing for my next trip to Mount KK next time (perhaps)… but this time as per majority we will try other trail, Timpohon or the more challenging one… via ferrata. Insyallah.

First Pondok

Trail thru Mesilau

So beautiful this time

Teringat first time kami kat sini with airforce team...sokmo bergambo

Every KM... saya amik gambar

Beautiful Waterfall

Simpang between Timpohon n Mesilau

Trail to Laban Rata

Trail to Laban Rata... masa ni pokok dah lain skit

Exhausted... another 0.5 km to go

We arrived at Laban Rata around 6.30p.m… lambat skit compare to last time, which was 2 hours earlier than this. Maybe too much spend in taking photos and plus, we started late. Apa pun pun I still arrived… it was just already dark and we could take photos around the Laban Rata area. By the time we arrived, most of the hikers already having their dinner and but still there were few others just arrived... macam kami juga. Dinner still served until 8 p.m. But, let say, if you cannot make it before 8 p.m, you must ask your fren who able to reach early to tapow for you or else you have to buy your own dinner. That’s what I did for Adeq, Fad, Jul n Fikri…sebab saya sampai awal.

This time, we did not stay at Laban Rata because already fully booked. Only 2 persons can stay at Laban Rata resthouse, the rest has to stay at Gunting Lagadan which is 10 minutes walk from Laban Rata. So, I decided to put Jul & Fikri at Laban Rata since 2 men only and ladies menapak sikit lah ke Gunting Lagadan… tak jauh mana pun but because of the really cold weather and kena naik tangga lagi, which slow down our momentum...penat juga lah. The room I would say OK… cuma too congested for a five cute ladies like us. Can u imagine… nak bergerak pun susah. Kalu ade orang solat, the rest has to wait on bed, cannot move. And as usual, mandi without heater at temperature around 5 degC. Fuhhh.

Jul n Fikri kena share bilik dengan Mat Salleh couple… nasib lah yea. Enjoy lah korang kejap duk ngn Mat Salleh… bukan selalu pun… hehehe. Macam-macam citer juga aku dengar pagi tu dengan Abg Fikri. Sorry, I don’t have a choice or else you have to wait for your turn on the next trip to Mount KK.

Aku start tido around 10 p.m. which I think already late at that time and masa tu juga Fad baru jer sampai. Kesian Fad, kaki dia sakit lagi… tapi She’s really tough… and still wanted to make it on the next day. Slalu nyer kalu dah lambat sampai ke Laban Rata, guide will not advise to hiking to the peak on next the morning. The reason cause too dangerous since you don’t get enough rest. But, to me, it depends on a person if you can make it, Mentally strong... than it shouldn't be a problem.


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