Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Superhero... THOR

TGV CapSquare
6.30 pm

After lunch nasi ambang USJ yg sangat sedap hari ni, Gojes ajak aku gi tgk movie. Plan nyer nak tengok citer FF5... tapi memandang kan aku tak tengok lagi citer Thor... so, aku preferred Thor than FF5. So, lepas je OT tadi kita orang trus berdesup ke Cap Square. Aku pernah dengar Cap Square ade cineme but never been there before. Kalau ade pun... gi buat medical check-up untuk safety passport aku and that was 2 years back. Emmmhh... lama jugak yea aku tak menjejaki Cap Square ni. Tapi takde yang menarik pun.... kedai2 yang ade pun macam hidup segan mati tak mahu jer... bleh. But, it was true. The only best place pun cume TGV cinema. And best because not so many people here... and guess... it's like heaven.


Out of 5, I will give 4 for this movie. This movie was actually adapted from Thor comic which is a fictional Superhero published by Marvel Comics. At first, I thought it was an epic story but it turns out to be like Superhero Movie.... typical character for any Hero... save the world, met with beautiful brilliant lady and fall in love. But, this movie it's a bit different... Thor was a powerful but arrogant warrior who reckless actions reignite an ancient war (spoil betul). As a result, Thor is banished to earth by his father Odin (to teach Thor humility) where he is forced to live among humans. His power was taken and he lives like a normal people. There, He met with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman)... and slowly he learnt to be more humility, patient and merciful. When the most dangerous villain of his world sends its darkerst forces to invade earth, Thor learns what it takes to be a true Hero.

Jane Foster yang berjaya melembutkan hati Thor yang ganas

Thor & his father Odin

I like this scene...

This time Thor forgotten that he had no power to get his powerful weapon back

Loki... adik tiri Thor yang sangat jahat

But, apa yang aku paling tak suka ending of this story... Thor didn't come back to earth as He promised Jane Foster... "I must go back to Asgard but I give you my word, I will return for you" Tapi nak wat camne kan.... the Asgard Bridge had to be destroyed gara2 nak selamat kan dunia dari musnah... whatever. Hopefully, there will be another sequel for this because I still tak puas. I want more... I want more... I want more....

Costume memang superb especially the Hero and also the props. Dah macam citer Thunderman pun ade juga aku tengok... citer favourite aku masa zaman kanak2 dulu... cume Thunderman agak seksi skit... hehehe.

Anyway I really enjoyed this movie.


  1. thunderman?

    ke thundercat?

    coz yg female warrior, cheetara tu definitely sexy haha.

  2. instead of thundercat (ce cite which cartoon yg ade title thunderman, dah recalled, x ingat),for sure you'll remember 'mendung' and know when to use the word...ahahahaha
    tQVm for being my cinema's partner, got partner in crime already (bubui aka miza)
    so, our next dating, what film?

  3. thundercat ke??? emmhh ye kot... lama giler dah citer tu... ingat2 lupa but for sure ade "thunder" lah kat hero's name tu.

    Gojes... next Pirates jom.


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