Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ekiden Run

29th May 2011
Palace of Justice, Presint 3

Certificate & Finishing Medal

Ekiden Run, kalau salah sebut bleh jadi Eksiden Run… oppss, mcm mana tu eksiden dulu baru run…hahaha. Anyway, this my first time to join this unique run. Why I called it unique??? b’cos it was like running paasing the baton to the next runner and next and next… and continue till the end. I still remembered that when I was in primary school, we used to call it as “lari berganti-ganti” in which you have 6 runners in one grup each selected from standard 1 to 6. So, the last runner would be the Std 6 student lah. And usually they will select the best runner or more precisely the fastest among the best from each team from std 1 to std 6. But, this ekiden run, it is slightly different. You can join even if you’re not a runner… as long as you can run, just pay & register… you’re in.

Actually, this run was more to fun race. But, if you want to take it seriously since it was a match and wish to win the race then, you have to choose your best runner for your group. Like us, we join this for a fun and let say, if we won is just our luck... but still (honestly speaking) we had the spirit to win the race… hehehe. Alhamdulillah, we managed to finish the race less than 2 hours and among the best 15 for women’s open. Ok lah tu, we’ve done our Best.

Sempat lagi tu

Maintain Red color

Just after finish the race

Thanks to Gojes and Adeq for being our supporter and unofficial photographer.

Thanks for the nice pics.


  1. lari ganti-ganti zaman skola ko 6 org ek? 6x100m, fuyooo.... zaman aku skola 4org je 1 grup...heheheh

    nampaknye anda telah mengkidnap pics dr album peribadi saya...saya mau tuntut pampasan nih... :)

  2. haa sekolah aku pun 4 orang. tak de acara 6 org dari darjah 1-6.

    benda pertama aku aku cari bila nampak ko lari kat finishing tu, sash. sebab tenggelam warnanya dengan baju :D

    fad, aku pun cilok gambar kamu :p

  3. Greenbutton kan aku dah acknowledge ko kt dlm entry aku sah2 lah ko nyer gambo... ish ish ish... len kali letak watermark yea :-)

  4. hahahah... mmg dah tulih kamu menggunakan pics2 tu tapi saya mau jugak pampasan... ini tidak adil!!!
    sila belikan saya water color utk memudahkan saya membuat watermark, hehehe


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