Monday, January 24, 2011

Mulu... Magical Night Walk

Wed, 12th Jan 2011

Let's walk
Price: RM10 pp
Location: Night Walk Trail, Mulupark
Time: Around 7pm-9pm

Things you may need to bring:
-Raincoat (in case of raining)
-Suitable walking shoes or sandals

Part of our optional activities but since kita orang tak plan awal2, Cuma ade 4 persons jer boleh join lagi. At one time, only 8 persons are allowed for a Night walk. Reason cannot be more than 8…not everyone can hear what the guide are trying to say when we walk in a large group. Emmhh....Whatever.

Aku check schedule for Sabtu juga with the hope that can fit in 8 persons but still only 4 people can fit in….4 peoples already booked earlier. Emhhh, so, dengan berat hati aku pun terpaksa divide our grup into 2, meaning only 4 can join today and the rest will join on Saturday. Ok lah, at least you have something to explore at Mulu during Night time. But, the tour will be cancelled if raining.

We arrived a bit late (5 minutes je pun), since semua ingat pun the walk will be cancelled if raining, that’s why kita orang slow n steady jer gerak to Park HQ. But, that time pun memang still raining. Sampai2 jer, no one there, maybe the walk already cancelled I guest. Then, ade one Mat salleh couple ni passed by kita orang and told us that they just saw people walk to Night trail….and they asked us if we’re going to the same destination. Confirmed, we had been left. Lambat lagi.

Suddenly, there’s one cute guy datang kat kita orang cakap…you all join Night Walk ka? Then He used His walkie talkie nak contact our guide for a Night Walk. He said, “you still have time to catch them….they just started walk”. Dia pun guide lah kita orang (give direction dengan mulut je) how to get there. Rase2 confident kita orang pun gerak lah sendiri follow as per instructed by Him. Then I remembered, He was actually Harison (our guide for Deer n Lang caves).

Night Walk Trail...but this photo was taken during daytime

Kita orang memandai2 lah jalan sendiri, Kay n Huzz kt depan while me n T-rah kat belakang berpimping tangan...macam couple lah plak. Scary juga trail dia, aku rase kalau siang, not a problem to me tapi it was Night and without any lighting provided along the trail, could u imagine walking at night in the middle of the jungle. Kita orang pun jalan and jalan tanpa sempat nak explore kiri n kanan since no guide with us. Lama juga lah kita orang jalan, aku pun rase seram sejuk juga, yelah hujan + bunyi unggas2 hutan. Tapi aku tekad tak nak fikir benda bukan2, so, aku buat je lah selamba. Finally, we met our guide, Sunto. Dia pun tak tanye apa2 sangat pun kt kita orang, and trus jer proceed with His explanation to one couple Mat salleh. Ade 2 orang mat salleh je pun masa tu…the other 2 maybe cancelled because of the rain.

We’ve been introduced by Sunto to magic life which u could only see at Night. Actually, we could see more but since it was raining at that time, not many night creatures we could see. Only a few, itu pun maybe they managed to protect themselves from the rain like stay at the back of the leaves and hiding at place where they cannot be reached and disturbed.

One on the unique plant

A bunch of Pitcher Plant

They are alive in this beautiful Night jungle

Mentadak Malam

Awesome...looks like human faces
Siput apa ntah...lupa nak tanye nama dia

We stopped at one big tree known as Kasai and Sunto explained the function of this tree. According to Him, long time ago, people of Penan use their buttress to get help if they lost in the jungle by hitting it …and wow there's unique sound came out from it. But, carefull different sound or music may cause other thing to be called...actually Penan People use to believe on Evil, they believe that certain sound may cause them (evil spirit) to come....huuuu seram. Ohh...sound unique n scary juga yer pokok ni, finally I understand. Then, aku pun try juga lah tumbuk pokok ni. Haah memang ade bunyi lah tapi tak kuat mana pun…so, I guest kena punch lagi harder lah kot nak kasi bunyi dia lagi kuat. Baru pukul sikit jer tangan aku dah sakit ni kan nak pukul lagi kuat…lupa kan jelah…so, next time kalu sesat cari lah alternative lain yea. Bawa wisel contoh nyer :-) Anyway creative juga orang Penan ni yea.

Kay is trying to hit the buttress

Meranti Lubang Hidung...latex of this tree can cause fire

Although it was a short walk…about 1 hour macam tu….since we’ve been left for about half an hour but still I really enjoyed the walk. At least, I learnt something new about a Night life of the God’s creation, knowing the function of certain tress n came to know the name of some unique floras and Faunas. What a wonderful Night walk.

Now, I realized that every single life creatures has its own purpose why God created them in such a way. Must be a useful function and purposes that we need to explore and get to know them better.
Next....Mulu Day 2

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