Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mulu Day 2 - Kuala Litut, Kuala Berar to Camp 5

Thurs. 13th Jan 2011

Around 2pm

After clear water and wind cave tour, we proceeded our journey to Kuala Litut, a place where we will start our 8km walk through Kuala Berar Rainforest to Camp 5. The boat ride from the caves to Kuala Litut took about half an hour to reach. But, it still depends on your luck, if the water level is too low you need to assist the boat man to push the boat. Aku, T-rah, Kay n Huzz, we're just lucky since nobody ask us to help them although we found out that at certain area the water level was too low...but still no one asked us to push the we just keep quiet n senyum-senyum je lah. But honestly, me n the rest really hope and pray that they will give us a chance to push the boat...kenangan beb...not always you have this precious moment. Maybe, they're already enough man on the boat, so, they didn't ask us to do anything. But the truth was...we eagerly wanted to take photo pushing the boat...warghhhh.

Soooo jeolous with Julie, Fad n Adeq yang ade photo tengah tolak boat. Fad...aku percaya lah dia tolak boat tapi bab Julie n Adeq tu agak meragukan sikit lah. Cos aku tengok gambo dia...senyum yea lebih...sorry yea Julie.

Just arriving Kuala Litut...they will drop us here to start walking to Kuala Berar

We arrived Kuala Litut around 1.45pm and then straight away transfer our beg. We had lunch first before start walking to Kuala Berar. Around 2pm then, we started our journey walk into jungle.

Makan-makan dulu before start our next journey

On the way to Kuala Berar

From Kuala Litut to Kuala Berar was about half n hour walking but if you are too fit, perhaps, you can reach faster.

Dan sampai pun....mase nie baru je nak start 8km...Fuhh

As you reach Kuala Berar, you need to cross the suspension bridge to the next walk. Altogether, there were 2 suspension bridges. The first one at 8km....starting point at Kuala Berar...and the second one...can't remember at which km.

You have to cross this bridge first

The real trekking is begun

Guess what?

Nice and beautiful

On the way to camp 5 thru Kuala Berar rainforest you could see so many unique and beautiful plants and which you may not find in other rainforest, perhaps. Subhanallah...God has made it so beautiful and perfect.

Already 7km....1km more to go

My Geng Gunung yg sentiasa maintain...

You may found this tree with so many ergghhh

Passing thru Kuala Berar suspension bridge

Ni lah ulat gonggok yang kami jumpa tadi

Beautiful view on the way to Camp 5

We reached Camp 5 around 5.30pm after 3 hours walk. Alhamdulillah, macam tak caya jer...finally we've made it up to this level.

To be continued.


  1. Tulah jalan laju mmg serius geli giler

  2. sedangkan ulat dalam pokok pun boleh idup.. hek..


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