Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Last Day

JUNE 12, 2006 - JULY 8, 2011

Intrument Team

Finally, the time has come to its end. For the last day, I will be in MMCOG… sob sob sob. No one asked me to leave this company but at some stage you will feel that you must leave, the feeling that slowly haunt you every night & day.

Whatever it is, I’ve made my decision & I must go on. Never looked back & I must grab the opportunity ahead of me. Eventough, the soon incoming future still not clear, unsure but you will never know if you never tried to take the risk. At this stage, I must be strong enough and firm with my decision.

Anyway, I was very lucky to be part of this team for five years. So many things I’ve learned… become a strong person to make decision, make people trust on you, be a more responsible person, learn to smile to everyone or more precisely become much much much better person. Thanks for the valuable knowledge, unstoppable guidance, assistance & the sincere friendship.

I really appreciate all the sweet things, hardship, advises & unforgettable memories we’ve been thru together. I will keep remember it till the end of my life.

Thanks MMCOG & Instrument Teams… I will be nowhere in this industry without all you.

Iron ladies Intrument

Intrument Drafting team... you are really helpful... thanks for all the supports

Instrument HOD, Kak Ju... my lead for 4 projects, Thanks for all the guidance & assistance over the 5 years, trust on me & a good mentor in Intrument

YM, My mentor since I was first entered MMCOG... a good neighbour & very helpful in everything...Thanks for the knowledges & your guidance

Kak Shida... thanks for all the advices & being so motherly to me

Kak Salina... thanks for all the helps on every project...

lepas ni tak tahu nak minta tolong sape

Cik Gojes... one of the people in mmcog that I really gonna missed so much after this... no more lunch together... no more phone calls & no more gossips but still... frienship forverer \(^_^)/


  1. hang dok kata ku slalu wat hang mkn byk, so xdaklah pasni...
    dok kata g aku slalu kaco hang kt tpon, so xdak jugaklah pasni...
    ape pun, gud luck and jg diri tu lok2,cyum2 and happy2 slalu,rajin2 keja cam slalu hang wat kat mmc,selamat2lah semenya ok, cewah.. cam dah xjumpe lagi je pasni...adios!

  2. ntah... padahal baru je dating petang tadi... hari ni jer 3X call aku yea :-) nmpk sgt missed me so oo much... hehehe. Yelah thks for the advices.


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