Sunday, July 18, 2010

Siemens Run 2010

Pagi ni buat julung2 kali nyer...aku join Siemens Run. My first time...but I managed to finish my running within 1 hour & 15 minutes...ok lah tue for 10 km distance kan. Bukan calang2 orang bleh buat....hihihi. And as a reward I got a medal sponsored by Maxis at the finishing line for the 116th person who reach the finishing line ....suddenly someone put on my neck. And plus got certificate too :-D.
We started the running aroung 7.30 am & finished around 9 am. Mula2 tu start saing with Intan but after 2 km, aku tak nampak dah makcik tu. Either, she's ahead of me or aku yg terlebih sudah. Anyway, we've promised to meet at the finishing line. She finished a bit late about 10 minutes behind me.

After that we grabbed our goddie bag, have a sponsored drink & lepak2 jap with Huzz & her friend. Huzz n fren cume join Fun Run jer ....about 3.5km only, cuma aku n Kak ayu jer yg join Women's open. Konon2 hebat lah tu....hahaha.

Anyway, I was really having fun today. Can't wait to join the next Shape Night Run at Putrajaya.

My Certificate & Medal


  1. aku tau ko mmg terer bab2 ni nurul...sama mcm panjat gunung/bukit...ko laju je ke depan..hehehe...siap ada medal tu..

  2. Hehe....first time tu yg semangat sikit tue


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