Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wish me LUCK

Today is my very special day… the day I was born

Thanks to Allah because of you I'm still alive & breathing till today. And Alhamdulillah I have completed my 28 years of life. And during the past days, so many memories I’ve collected all these years. I have conquered Mount Kinabalu about two months ago, I’ve seconded to Miri Office with a lot of joyful memories I still kept & playing in my mind & of course... meet a lot of new friends & special ones. Hope something good, unbelievable, miracle & unexpected things will happen to me during these matured years of my life….Hope so J Insyallah. Ameen.


  1. happy birthday...
    jumpa special one? hehehe...semoga hepi2 slalu...

  2. selamat hari lahir...

    semoga rahmat Allah menemanimu selalu... :)

  3. Thanks to all your wishes :-)

  4. yeayyy jumpa!

    hepi birthday ya!

    aku juga takkan lupa 2010, pada umur 30 naik kinabalu dan jumpa korang semua :)

  5. happy birthday kak nurul!!have a good 1!!


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