Monday, July 12, 2010


"I'm gonna fight for you, until your heart stops beating" Jacob.

One of my favourite scene in latest Twilight sequence... Eclipse. This time Jacob really admitted his feeling towards Bella. But, as usual, Bella still doubts & not sure about her own feeling towards Jacob. She still loyal to one n only...Edward the Vampire. I would say, this third sequnce was really become much hotter & more dramtic compare to previous...New Moon.

This time was really a though & hard time for Bella to make decision whether to choose either one of them... her first love, Edward the Vampire or her Bestfren, Jacob the warewolf.

Overall enjoyed watching this movie. Can't wait for the next final of this series...Breaking Dawn


  1. enjoy this movie....jacob suka paksa bella...x berkenan cara edward lah...muah3x

  2. Bukan pakse tapi sayang. Dia xnak Bella join Edward jd vampire...tu yg dia protect giler2 tue :-)


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