Monday, November 3, 2014

Jeju Island Day 1: Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 
Saturday, 18 Oct 2014

Opening Hours: 0700 to 2300
Entrance Fee: 2,000won 

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall is one of the three famous waterfalls of Jeju, the other two being Cheonjeyeon Waterfall and Jeongbang Waterfall. So, not to be confused with the Cheonjeyeon Waterfall which is a three-tier waterfall also located nearby to Cheonjiyeon Waterfall. But, our tour for today only Cheonjiyeon Waterfall. Not enough time to cover all three.

Literally, Cheonjiyeon means sky (Ch'eon) connected with land (ji). It is 22 m (72 ft) high and 12 m (39 ft) wide. At the bottom of the waterfall is an artificial pond that is 20 m (66 ft) deep. Two small dams help keep the water at a specific level. Large volcanic rocks form landbridges that allow tourists to pose for photographs in front of the falls. These falls are characterized by its trachyte andesite rocks. The source of Cheonjiyeon Waterfall is a spring that comes out of the floor of the Somban Stream. The stream Yeonhee-chun is the source of the waterfall. (source)

River flow from the Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

In order to reach the waterfall, visitors must walk on a landscaped trail. About 5 to 10 min leisure walk from main entrance.

Nice place to capture sweet moment

For the nature lover, this is a must place you should go. But this place only available untuk sightseeing sahaja. Bagi aku waterfall ni biasa-biasa sahaja cuma yang unik nya sebab tak seperti normal waterfall. Maybe sebab aku dah pernak menyaksikan waterfall yang lagi cantik sebelum ni, that’s why aku boleh buat perbandingan. Anyway, every waterfall ada keunikan nya tersendiri. 

Beautiful Cheonjiyeon Waterfall during the day

Posing terbaik dari ahjuma…  ni baru yang pertama, ada lagi aksi lain, hehehe

Kami tak spend lama pun di sini sebab takde aktivity yang menarik selain sighseeing & bergambo. Memandangkan today is weekend, so, nak bergambar pun agak limited lah because of too many visitors. Lebih-lebih lagi kalau geng-geng ahjuma yang conquer, hehehe. So, faham-faham jelah.

To be continued...

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