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Spectacular Sunrise @ Penanjakan 1 Bromo

Penanjakan 1, Bromo
Friday, 5th June 2014

As per revised itineraray, our main agenda for today was bromo tour.

This tour reminds me of last year tour where we're not lucky enough to see anything. Only fog and white. But this time, I was expecting to see miracle by looking at the magnificient view of stars in the sky last night... signs of nice weather.

We woke up as early as 3.00am for the journey to view point at Mt Penanjakan. Actually, there’s a wake-up call where the hotel staff will knock your door at 3 am or at your requested time. Tapi kali ni, memang seriously aku tak dengar apa-apa pun. Luckily, I have my phone to wake me up. By the time kami siap-siap, yang lain semua dah prepare nak ke jeep which was ready at our hotel’s entrance to take us to the starting point. There were 6 people in my jeep including Imam & the driver too. We were lucky this time sebab Agus yang bawa kami. He was the same guide that brought us here last year. Happy to see him. Sudah bertukar kerjaya sekarang yea. 

Agus sudah jadi driver jeep di bromo, last time he was our guide

First time for An An...

... and first time for Amy too

We started journey to Penanjakan at about 3.40am. A bit late but it's OK cause cafe lava hotel already near to the sand sea of bromo, the main road to Mount Penanjakan 1. It was cold and dark during our journey. All I can see was the light from the jeep. We arrived quite late actually, around 4.30am or maybe other people went too early, I think. Because, there were already a lot of people by the time we arrived. Our jeep parked quite near from starting point. So, takdelah menapak jauh sangat. And luckily too, kami ada guide yang bisa bawa kami ke tempat yang ok untuk take photo. Macam tempat larangan juga sebab siap ada dawai bagai sampai tersangkut brape kali dah mafla aku, excited punya pasal kan. No pain no gain, hahaha... macam tak related jer. Anyway, ada aku kisah, yang penting, kami berjaya dapat spot yang best nak take photo. Thanks to our tour guide, layan kami gadis semasa ambil gamba sampai penat di Penanjakan, hehehe. Sabar jelah.

From parkir to Penanjakan 1 viewpoint

Ada juga jualan makan seawal 4 pagi disini yea. Anyway, that grilled corn memang best

The sunrise time was really stunning. No words can describe what I saw and how I feel at that time. Rasa tak puas jer. So, let the pictures below speak.

Carpet Awan

View of Mount Batok, Mount Bromo & Mount Semeru, the highest during sunrise

Awesome sunrise view from Penanjakan

Thanks Allah for giving me an oppurtunity to witness one of your wonderful creation

Happy moment for all of us

Memang layanlah view kat Bromo ni

Penanjakan 1 viewpoint

Bromo crater from Penanjakan 1 viewpoint

The other spectacular view

Nice moment with all of them

The stunning view from the other side of viewpoint

small eruptions happen every 15 to 20 minutes or so

Wish could be here again

Alhamdulillah, bersyukur sangat, tak sia-sia kedatangan kami ke sini lagi. The magnificient view that morning really makes me feel happy.

We ended the tour around 7.00am at Penanjakan and headed to our next journey to Bromo crater. Less than 1/2 hour drive from Penanjakan to the sand sea of bromo thru a narrow & steep road, the same route that we took this morning. But, the view on the way descending to the sand sea of bromo was awesome. You may request your driver to stop if you feel of taking photo, sebab driver kami offer kalau nak stop and take photo, hehehe.

To be continued...

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