Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cafe Lava Hotel

Cafe Lava Hotel, Cemoro Lawang
Probolinggo, Jawa Timur
Thurs, 5th June 2014

After Madakaripura waterfall, we did not straight away to Bromo but we had lunch first somewhere in Probolinggo. The journey from there to Cafe Lava Hotel at Cemoro Lawang approximately less than 2 hours thru a nice view. To some people, it may cause dizziness due to narrow, steep & uneven road. But, when you're almost there, you will be amazed by the surrounding view heading to the Hotel.

Alhamdulillah, we finally arrived at the Cafe Lava Hotel around 3pm. the weather was so nice, not too cold and not too hot. It was just refreshing. We don't have to wait for too long for the room as everything has been well arranged by our tour guide.

Nice view of Cemoro Lawang Village from cafe Lava Hotel

Cafe Lava is very conveniently located along the main road & outside the national park entrance about less than 5 minutes walk. Traditional look but cool, nice cuisine, sights to a beautiful sunrise and most important near the road leading down to the sea of sand of Mount Bromo. There are other hotels around this area too such as Bromo Permai, Cemara Indah. Actually, we’re promised with Bromo Permai but last minute we’re informed by our tour agent that Bromo Permai has already fully booked for the whole month of June. Emmhhh...

View at Cafe Lava Hotel... bilik kami yang kat bawah tu

To me Cafe Lava ni pun ok jer. Just a walking distance to see Bromo. But we’re bit late by the time we reached the viewpoint, hari pun dah nak gelap eventhough that time baru pukul 5. Emmhh, lupa plak nak budget masa yea. So, not much beautiful photo we could capture at that time. So, layan jelah apa yang kami nampak. 

Welcome to wisata Bromo... Jom kita tengok sunset

View from viewpoint not far from our our Hotel... long exposure + HDR

Our accomodation at Cemoro Lawang

My room & Eein was pleasantly clean and neat, equipped with toiletries, a working hot shower and towels. The water was hot but too small to warm me, hehehe. Got kettle & small TV too tapi tak sempat pun nak try buka sebab ada benda lain yang lagi menarik.

It was cold at night but the sky was very clear to see many stars. So, enjoy the spectacular view. Trust me, you wont regret.

Overall this is a great choice for travelers who would like to enjoy high land scenery.

Our dinner at Cafe Lava Hotel... that vege soup & fries memang sedap

Dinner kami that night, grilled chicken with fries & fresh vegetables. Memang sedap especially the fries, Side dish, hot vege soup pun sedap juga. Habis makan pun ada desert tau. Yang tak bestnya, takde blackpepper sauce & Chili sauce yang best. Ada chili sauce tapi macam tak kena dengan tekak. So, dah spoil selera sikit, hehehe. Padahal dah kenyang makan fries & soup. Anyway, the food here was ok & not bad. The breakfast also OK & delicious.

After dinner, kami tak terus ke bilik, we had a short meeting about tomorrow's trip with our tour guide. But, still no good news about Semeru. Sedih & kecewa.

Anyway, still praying for a good news.

To be continued...


  1. Thank you for your blog on Bromo! I found it useful!

  2. Thanks Judith, just wanna share the experience

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  4. Salam. Hee sungguh seronok melihat pemandangan di Bromo itu.


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