Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fitness Test???

Actually, this is requirement untuk ourdoor activities company aku yang akan berlansung a week after panjat twin peak (InsyAllah). Lokasinya adalah Lopo waterfall atau lebih dikenali as Lepoh waterfall. To be honest aku dah pernah pun pergi ke sini, last year. Tapi saja jer letak nama nak join sebab rasa macam nak pergi lagi lah. Aku siap ajak Cik Thirah join skali memandangkan this is her first time. 

First time kot nak join fitness test. Berdebar rasanya, panjat gunung kinabalu pun tak buat fitness test tau. Test fitness kat diri sendiri jer... hehehe. Anyway mampukah aku. Below is the info/instruction for the Fitness Test. 

Date & Time: 21st March, Friday, 5.30pm
Meetup Point : Wisma Technip's Auditorium Hall (or the Loft if Hall not available)
Things to bring : Sports shoes + RM30

Instruction :
  1. Assemble by 5.30pm and sign your attendance.
  2. Depending on the turn out, you will be split into groups of 10s.
  3. You will then proceed to the ground floor staircase in Wisma Technip
  4. When the timer starts, you have to WALK up all the way to the 11th floor, walk along the corridor of 11th floor and go down via the other staircase and meet us back at the Auditorium Hall.
  5. You will pass the test if you reach back within a certain time limit (confidential).
  6. Payment will be collected only from those who pass the test.

Tips : 
  1. This is not a race/towerthon. You do not need to run up or down the staircase. The test can be done by continuously walking at a normal pace.
  2. If you rarely exercise or are unfit, you will normally have a problem by the time you reach 3rd/4th floor. (eg. out of breath, dizziness)
  3. There will be measures to ensure you do not cheat along the way i.e. use the lift (so don't even try).
  4. If there are more than 24 people that pass the test, we will still take only 24 participants. Priority will be given according to their order in the registration list.
  5. Your HEALTH & SAFETY comes first. If there are any reasons for you to abort the test, please use your common sense and do so. You have nothing to lose since you haven't paid.

Baca Instruction & tips macam serius jerk kan test ni. Takutnya kalau tak pass.

Anyway, all the best Nurul. 

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  1. Teringat lak tahun lepas panjat tangga sampai tingkat 21 sbb taknak tunggu lif yg jam lps firedrill.


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