Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hiking @ Air Terjun Lepoh

Location: 15 km north of Ulu Langat, near Kg Pangsun, Selangor 
Meeting Point: Masjid Batu 14, Hulu Langat 
Coordinates and map: N03° 15.03' E101° 51.94' 
Accessibility: Trekking 

Another awesome trip on Saturday morning. My special thanks my friend, Mariam, who has start and stuck with this plan. Actually our initial plan was to Perlus Waterfall but out of sudden the people that suppose to bring us here not available on that day. So, Mariam decided to proceed with the plan to other waterfall trekking, Lepoh... although she could not remember the trekking path at was 2 years back since her last trekking. 

Lepoh Waterfall was located at Hulu Langat, near Kg Pangsun. Just before reaching this Kampung, there was a signage “Asli Adventure Base Camp” where you need to turn left. This small road ends after a few km at a place where you can park your car. We arrived to the starting point around 7.45 a.m and parked our cars at the designated parking area near the entrance. There’s no one when we reached there. So, I guest, we’re the first group. 

We parked in front of this base camp

From here you need to cross a stream and two small bridges. This is a region of Durian orchards and bamboo forest. Just after that you will enter the forest where the real trekking is begun. 

When you reach water pipeline, you should know that you are on the right way. The track follows more or less the pipeline until a water catchment basin is reached. From here it is not far to the waterfall.

Generally the track is clear & not so hard to follow. Like us, luckily we had Mariam to guide us. 

Crossing the first bridge

The second bridge

The track is clear and easy to follow
Entering the rubber estate... one of the way you need to pass thru

The extraction of latex from the rubber tree

The trek is going uphill all the time but not in a strenuous way. It will take about two hours to cover the 4 km to the waterfall, but I think we did less than 2 hours. 

Calm & easy track

Just follow the available route

Beautiful creature

The hiking route

Pipeline marked the right track

Take five kejap

Huzz & Amy... 
sebenarnye nak tunjuk panjangnye pipe kat belakang tu :-)

The beginning of hard path

The Green Forest

The roots

The white mushroom

You will see this resting area, perhaps, otw to Lepoh waterfall but looked like abandoned house

Apa nama ntah

Putih & suci

After 2 hours of climbing, we came upon the waterfall, found spot for ground site, put our bags and started enjoying the waterfall. I don't know how to descibe how happy I am at that time. Yang heaven nye, tak ade sorang pun kat atas ni masa kami sampai.

Finally, we;re here... Lepoh waterfall
 Attractive waterfall, with a deep pool for swimming

The trail ends here. If you want to reach the top of the fall, you will have to scramble up at the right side of the fall. 

So irresistable

Kegembiraan kami digugat dengan kehadiran pelajar-pelajar diatas

Kami beralih ke sini selepas ganguan di atas

Air Terjun Sungai Lepoh

Kami habis mandi-mandi around 11.30 a.m and started descending after that. Time taken to reach down was about 1 hour. On the way back to, kami jumpa few groups yang nak ke lepoh waterfall juga. Luckily, we're the first to come. If not, then, tak enjoylah cause too many people.

p/s: Waterfalls can be dangerous !! Always take care about your safety.


  1. salam.kitorang prgi 30 jun 2013 lalu track ade je anjing,btw kitorang xjumpa pon pipe spt yg didalam gambar...last2 turon blk.... heeeee :-(

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. heloo.. can we chatt ? i need more infrmation cause i want to bring my junior and senior for hari interaksi ?

  4. Nik, if u go there on weekends confirm u akan jumpa ramai orang yang hking to Lepoh waterfall... I pon my fren yg bawa, mybe kalu nk ingt balik I have to go there again... tapi route memang tak brape susah

  5. terbaik g sini, tp pernah sesat bila salah jln bila terjumpa satu pokok besar.. tp semangat punya pasal jumpa jugak air terjun ni..

  6. TQ NHA for this wonderful sharing .. jzkk .. insyaAllah will go to this place next .. :)

  7. Walaupun tak berapa paham bahasa Inggeris, gambar-gambar yang ada sudah cukup menceritakan segalanya. Terima kasih atas perkongsian. :)

  8. beautiful.air yang yg jernih dan hutan yang terpelihara.masih belum tercemar dengan fauna nya.insyaallah.bulan May nanti saya sampai

  9. trimakasih infonya...
    sangat menarik dan bermanfaat...
    mantap deh pokoknya...
    kunjungi balik yah nonton flim online di:

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  11. Cantik-cantik gambarnya. Terima kasih atas perkongsian maklumat.

  12. blh camping x kat sini...macam nak bermalam ke

  13. blh camping x kat sini...macam nak bermalam ke

    1. Ahmad Suffian, tak sure pulak. Masa kami sampai takde orang pun kat sini. Tak sure group yang datang selepas tu samada camping atau tak.

    2. Bolehhh. Ramai yg camping dkt sini. Selalunya org camping 1 malam je. View and sound dia reaallly nice for camping. Cuma kene standby makanan yg cukup lah.

  14. Is it possible to trek here without guidee?

  15. situ bayar parking jr ke ? atau ikut kepala

    1. Bayar parking per kereta. Tk silap dlm rm5 mcm tu satu kereta

  16. nk tanya.....hiking tu susah x?rmi x yg pancit?

    1. Depends la. Penat jugak sebab hmpir 2 jam berjalan naik. Kene sediakan air.

  17. Replies
    1. Tak ada. Tapi tmpt dia agak private lah untuk tukar baju ke semua.

  18. hai..saya syafiq..blh dapatkan no contact guider utk ke air terjun sungai lepoh?

    1. Hi, saya tak pakai guide, member yang bawa

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  20. Hi. Baru turun around pukul 8mlm tadi sebab hujan. Btw masa naik and turun ada anjing nama Poppy.. Tapi masa turun baru tahu nama betul before tu panggil doggie je. She is so pro and protective masa guide kitorg.. Even tunjukkan jalan yg betul utk kitorg. Thank POPPY for the trip!


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