Sunday, January 15, 2012

My first RUN for 2012

Mizuno Wave Run 2012
15 January 2011

Stadium UPM

Mizuno Wave Run 2012... my first run for the year 2012 & also first time for the Mizuno Run. Not a chance to join the last year event sebab takde geng. This year I strongly decided that I must join one of the run for the beginning of 2012 although the entry fees are quite expensive compare to previous year. But I think, now, you have to spend at least RM40 for any running event or only if you're lucky enough then you will get a lil' bit cheaper for early bird registration.

Alhamdulillah, although not feeling well since yesterday... coughing & running nose, still able to make it within 1 hour & 15min. Not a good time for me... since I can improve more if I don't take more stop & walk on the sloping route. I started a lil' bit late about 5 minutes behind the women open scheduled release time but luckily I was not alone still there are too many of others also arrive at the starting point late. Hopefully can do much much better on the next run.

My running Kit with medal

After finishing your run, you need to queue for your goodie bag & finisher medal. This time, I saw most of the runners are more disciplined... queuing to get your goodie bag & also the breakfast sponsored. Breakfast provided are Gardenia Delicia waffles, nasi lemak (first time running event kasi Nasi Lemak aku rase... hehehe) & water melon. My favourite Taufu fah pun ade tau, sedap plak tu... dua kali juga lah mengulang :-)... what's more... Nestle fitness, Milo & Gatorade drinks.

Nasi Lemak daun pisang for breakfast... memang sedap

Mizuno sempat juga buat sale sports wear dia orang... not bad juga dia punye price maybe nak buat clearance stock. I was attracted to buy too but... forgot to bring my money maa, emmmhh.

Overall... I think Mizuno Run was a very successfully event so far I was joined. Very organize & everything is smooth & silky. Congratulations to the Organizer and all the runners who able to finish the 10km Run.

10km finisher medal

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