Thursday, October 6, 2011

You still have a chance

4 days ago… I was frustrated because the registration for Nike We Run KL 10K is full. Fuhh…within two and half day already full. That was online registration but manual registration at any outlet Nike pun full juga. Macam goreng pisang panas dahhh. But, I guaranteed that the ultimate reason for this Nike Run was the attraction of getting the free original Nike t-shirt (expensive if you had to buy) and also the very affordable registration fees. RM35 per person but if you register in with your friend you will need to pay only RM 40 (so, each person need to spend RM20 for the fee), very save. I guest not all the person who registered for the run will join the run… most likely because of the Nike t-shirt. Why I was so sure about this because most of my friends also ask someone to register for them for the same reason and of cos they never thought of joining the Run.

Last 2 days ago, on the way to the office while listening to radio, I heard that Hot FM is having CABARAN RUN BUDDY RUN NIKE+. Sepantas kilat, I was thinking about Nike Run.
So, don’t be upset. We still have a chance my dear friend. If you’re lucky, you will get a chance to choose any of your favorite DJ Hot FM as your running partner and the winner will get RM3,000 cash + Kit Larian NIKE. And for those whose not successful you still can get NIKE race kit.
Haa… apa lagi jom kita ramai2 join. All you need to do is to fill up the form and create your most interesting and creative slogan to win the selection to the next stage. Come on… we still have a chance until 21st October.

Just click below to enter the CABARAN RUN BUDDY RUN NIKE+:


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