Sunday, October 2, 2011

Adidas... King of the Road 2011

2nd October 2011

Sunway Pyramid

Adidas King Of The Road 2011… Unexpected event I joined last weekend.

Actually, I really wanted to join this Adidas run pun but since lambat sikit je pun register… dah full… emmhhh… a bit frusturated juga masa tu. Last minute dapat plak orang offer dia punye race kit kan. Thanks Boboi for offering kakak ipar ko punye race kit. I appreciate that and thank you so much. Honestly, I never prepared anything physically for this event… a day before jer lah baru gi gym lari kt treadmill nak built stamina.

I was decided to join this run after thinking of spending my weekend. Dari tak buat apa2 lebih baik aku pergi membakar lemak kan. So, bukan nye sebab saya termakan racun yea saya ter join… hehehe.

I arrived at the start off point just on time before the flag off for the 10 km run. Tak sempat nak bergossip pun with Thirah n Boboi. Anyway, thanks to orang yang willing to send and pick me up… I just need to walk less than a minute from your drop off point to the starting point.

I’m not sure about my timing… forgot to look at the final timing display... cos I was too excited finishing the run. But based on my own count it was 1 hour 15mins. Kira OK lah tu.

At the end of the run, you will get the 10 km medal (only if you finish the run), banana and a mineral water, not much but better than nothing right. Also, sponsored Milo drinks and Nestle Fitness.

To Boboi, Thirah and also for those who have finished the run as I did regardless 16 or 10 km, congratulations and keep it up.

Next after this… let’s hit the Nike We Run KL 10Km.

finisher medal for 10km

Front side of the medal

Wakil GGK... congrats

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