Saturday, August 27, 2011

Iftar @ Fiske Steak House Keramat

Fiske Steak House Keramat
25th August 2011/25 Ramadhan
8 p.m...

After planning so many times and decide where to go for our next GGK iftar before Syawal... finally without any smooth planning... tup tup tup, our first place we've planned before... Fiske Steak House at Keramat AU2. Actually, not so hard to find this place, it can be reached by MRR2 or thru jalan dalam Jelatek. Just nearby Pernec & also Texas Indusrty. One of the reason we met too was to fullfill request by Puan Ezza... who really missed us so much after getting married. But as usual, not all of us could make it that nignt. It's OK, although without other absence members... our iftar that night still happening as usual. Biasa lah, kalau GGK dah berjumpa tu.... emmmhh.... lupa dah orang keliling.

Fiske Steak House

Actually, this is my first time here and I really recommended to those who really love western foods. The location is strategic and easier to find. The presentation also was awesome... the BBQ sauce also quite delicious. Musolla also available for those who wants to perform prayer.

Special Chicken Chop... RM14.90

What so special... the chicken chop was served together with pasta, salad, mash potato, grilled potato, coleslow and BBQ souce. Price is RM14.90

Special Mix Chicken + Beef + Lamb Chop

Look really awesome & extra special but according to Fad, the lamb was a bit tough... anyway the presentation looks great. Price RM20

Pineapple juice with Asam Boi n Vanile Ice cream... RM4.90

Special Dory

Nama ala-ala clown fish in Nemo, Dory... but this is not the clown fish ok. And the taste is also OK. Price RM15.90

GGK Member kekenyangan

Overall, out of 5... emhhh.... I think I will rank 4 but since the waitress are not so friendly & fierce... I change my mind to 3.5. Next time, try to be more "mesra alam" yea, as a customer, all we need to know.... everything is nice to see.

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