Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tanjung Lubang Seafood

Last night, we had a chance to enjoy seafood in Tanjung Lubang. Actually before this, I used to call it Tanjung Berlubang but after Wahida told me that it was tanjung Lubang lah not tanjung Berlubang….hahaha…but still I keep using “Berlubang” because I think something wrong with the grammar if we use “Lubang”, macam ayat tergantung. Anyway, wahida invitation to makan seafood just right on time since I was just finished my work & mariam pulak planning to have dinner (pelik…usually she refuse to have dinner) & me… lately I prefered to have oat or fruits for dinner but not heavy food. But, since wahida insists…kesian lah plak, so, layan juga lah…k yati n Mariam pun ON jer. Wahida pun brought one of our Ex-UIA friend from KL…Sara (same major with wahida) but She also very sporting.

The food here…I would say OK but still cannot challenge Anjung Ketam at Labuan Sabah…perghhh…memang sedap, hebat n memang da bomb lah. Anyway, different place should have different tastes…if not takde lah yang special. Taste Ok pun…tak meninggalkan kesan…kira mantap juga lah tue. Next time, boleh try lagi.

On the way nak balik, wahida ajak round2 plak cari tempat Mee Kolok yg sedap kt Miri nie. She said that, so far this is the only place in Miri yang paling sedap lah Mee Kolok Sarawak dia…if I’m not mistaken near to Shell Office. Tapi malam dah tutup, so, we plan after return back from KL nanti nak try this want plak.

Tanjung Lubang Sunset...what a wonderful view

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