Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gua Niah Trip

Gua Niah...what a wonderful experience...before this I only learnt to know it through my Form 1 History text book, which one of the Penempatan Awal Manusia but in real, it was awesome & very unique cave. Trip to Gua Niah took 2 hours from Miri City. But it is advisable if u start your trip early, say 8 a.m. you should have already in Gua Niah HQ.

But, on that day, we managed to start our journey around 6 a.m from our home sweet home…marine apartment Miri. Initially plan to go at 7.30 a.m but our Miri's Collegue suggested, it would be much enjoyable if u go there early. So, we decided to go there as early as possible… of course after Suboh. But my mistakes, I forgot to tell some of my friend that we had changed the time…only remembered at 12 a.m & started to sms Yeo n Jun…they didn’t replied but I guest they already slept & maybe read + blurrr. Tomorrrow, we gathered at parking lot & started our journey around 6.15 a.m. The journey took about 2 hours. But we managed to arrive there before 8 a.m…apa tak nyer Yad bawa keter macam Ribut…luckily Mariam able to catch Him…and followed by Yeo’s car.

Sampai2 jer ape lagi….photography session lah…as usual, mana-mana yg dapat lah…yg boleh diabadikan…pun jadi. But, first session of course lah Gua Niah Punye HQ signboard…proof that we were here... Cayalah.

I was here

Ahli Rombongan

After that, pay entrance fee…we managed to get each person RM8…maybe, because there were 15 of us, normal price is RM10. Ok lah tu.

After first photography session, next was to ride boat crossing the river to Niah Caves. This is mandatory or else you have to swim to the other side (second option). Boat also we need to pay, one way RM1 each, return…count yourself. Layan juga lah…dia org pun cari makan gak. Boat is for a short time only… I think not more than 1 minute... but, what took so long??…as usual, photography session lah. Like I said, mana2 yang boleh diabadikan lah.
1...2...3 Action

Once we arrived on the other side, our real journey started….keep walking… keep walking… keep walking…keep taking photos. Luckily we had 2 experienced photographers, not really lah but since they got Sony DLSR & Canon…I assume they got the talent. Thanks guys for lovely wonderful shots.

Kecik nye saya...

Direction to Niah Caves

After that, we proceeded to the next level.... walking through Plank walk, which is not really a wood but the material looks like made of some kind of synthetic...I guest. But, we definitely enjoyed, at least we didn't need to walk & step on the ground.

The Journey Begins...

Continue Our Journey through Plank Walk

First Stop at Souvenier's Shop

Sempat tu....try my Luck

First Cave that we arrived

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  1. The Niah cave is a great cave to explore. It could have been better if it was well-maintained. There are some abandoned or unused chalets that can be seen prior to entering the rainforest. More info at this web site.


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