Monday, June 10, 2013

Berembun - Jasar... Part 2

Mount Jasar
Location: Tanah Rata, Cameron Hingland
Saturday, 1 June 2013

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After lunch & short rest, we're ready to headed on to Jasar. This time only 6 persons ready to hiking up to Jasar after the rest has surrendered.

Our Journey begins at Tan’s Camelia Garden, the starting point to Puncak Jasar which was just behind the apartment Bourgenvilla. From Tanah Rata to this starting point was around 15 to 20 minutes walk passing thru Tanah Rata main road. Very bad jammed at this time. Be careful yea... ade anjing garang at this garden but luckily we didn’t see any dogs during our trip.

Puncak Jasar kelihatan dari Tanah Rata

We started trekking at about 4pm and got to Jasar's peak at around 5pm. The trek was not so tough compare to Berembun with some gentle slopes. More or less the track was like hiking on Bukit Apek. After about 45mins, we came through a "lalang" space and high voltage tower... this is not the peak but we knew that we’re on the right trek. At this height, you could already seen the nice view of  Cameron Highland from top.

Beginning of the trail... behind Bougenvilla Apartment

Signboard at the beginning... Using Jungle walk No. 11
...Ignore the vandalism

Entering the Jungle Track

After this... steep all the way up

Macam strawberry color but it wasn't fruit

Puncak yang kami tawan pagi tadi... Mount Berembun, view from Jasar's trail

Nice Flora found otw to Jasar

The breathtaking view along the Ascending track

Nice view along the way
High Voltage tower... belum lagi peak

YEAHHH... we're almost on top of Jasar

Behind me... View of Tanah Rata from Jasar's Peak

Alhamdulillah... We did it

Awesome view from Top of Mount Jasar
 Adelah kerugian besar kepada mereka yang tidak meneruskan pendakian ke jasar

Aksi wajib amek gambo kat sini

Dah sampai atas baru kami tahu... The reason why our guide started trekking to Jasar a bit late...cause, it was too hot to start between 2-3PM. And there’s no shelter on top, so, bayangkan lah kalau kami start immediately after lunch tadi memang totally burnt lah kot... hehehe. Anyway, it was good to start trekking very early in the morning. Maybe, after this boleh trekking sendiri ke sini sebab tak susah mana pun nak ingat & the route also quite OK. Insyallah.

"Batu bersurat" ni marked the border of Perak & Pahang

Alhamdulillah, second mountain conqured.

Overall, I really love hiking to these two places. Not so tough trek, windy, cool weather & the breathtaking view along the trek & at the peak.

Insyallah, kalau ke Cameron nak repeat lagi.

The return journey to Tanah Rata passing thru the main road

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