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Berembun - Jasar... Part 1

Mount Berembun
Saturday, 1 June 2013
Location: Hutan Lipur Sg. Pauh, Brinchang, Cameron Hingland 

Normally, most of the hikers will conquer "Gunung Berembun, Jasar and Perdah" all in one day! But, we did not conquered all three, only two... because we're told by our guide that Perdah is no more... “Gondol” dikerjakan by some of irresponsible people. So sad that we could not do anything to save this valuable nature.

Hiking to any of Mountain in Cameron is always become my favourite because of the cool weather and the breath taking view of the forest. Actually this my second after Mount Irau about 2 years back on Oct 2011.

Our Journey started a day earlier. We had chosen to overnight at CH before calling our mission on next morning. Thanks to Cikgu Nisah for offering us to overnight at your place... really appreciate it. Lepas ni kalau ade aktiviti hiking kat Cameron and melibatkan Cikgu Nisah hopefully boleh menumpang kasih lagi... hehehe... muka tak malu betul. Cikgu Nisah ade ajak aku naik Gunung Irau... emmhhh akan difikirkan kelak... sebab aku confirm tak boleh nak ingat jalan ke puncak dah. Angah cakap Irau tak secantik & se”gah” macam dulu-dulu dah. Tu yang aku rasa mcm nak naik lagi sebab nak lihat apa yang dah berlaku.

On Friday, 31st May, we departed to Cameron Highlands after work. We left from Tol Jalan Duta KL at about 7.40pm from. We arrived at the Tapah R&R at 10pm and waited for the rest to arrive. We finally departed from Tapah R&R at 10.20pm and headed towards Simpang Pulai on route to Cameron. The reason that we use Simpang Pulai is because the route thru Simpang Pulai is much wider & safer to travel at night compare to Tapah. We arrived at 12.30am at Nisah’s House at Ringlet. Actually, it can shorten out trip if we take Tapah’s route. Anyway, 4 hours journey from KL to Cameron Highlands was considered long enough but excitement has taken us to think about tomorrow’s hiking... hehehe.

The next day, after taking shower & quick preparation, we drove to Tanah Rata for breakfast. Then, we headed to Jabatan Hutan CH to meet our guide, Angah & wawa yang dah setia menuggu kami.

Gunung Berembun

G. Berembun is located at Hutan Lipur Sg. Pauh, Brinchang, Cameron Hingland. Peaked at 1,836m above sea level, it normally takes about two to three hours to reach the summit.

Hikers can choose weather to start from Campsite at Jabatan Hutan CH, Vege’s farm next to MARDI or Muzium Teh CH. There were signboards with distance to each location along the trail. Just follow & be confident... hehehe.

We started at 9.10a.m walking from Jabatan Hutan CH heading towards the trail labeled as Jungle Walk No. 6 located right behind Kem Sungai Pauh. The terrain in first 1 hour was fairly leisure & OK... but the balance 1 hour was really challenging... steep all the way up.

Estimated timing & distance to guide you

Awesome view at Jabatan Hutan CH

Ade selingan pulak masa Angah tengah kasi Briefing... dengan Dr Fazley, kata nye tengah rushing nak ke Kem motivasi, Anyway memangs porting lah abg asmara kita nie walaupun assistants dia dah tarik muka 14... hehehe sorry ya bro

Just after passed thru Sungai Pauh Campsite

Nice view at the very beginning of the trekking

Beginning of the track

Already Halfway but we could already seen the Brinchang Mountain

Papan tunjuk arah dan jarak dipasang sepanjang trail to guide the hikers

Breathtaking view along the trail to Puncak Berembun

Good to have such station for rest

We followed Jungle Walk No. 5 to Berembun's peak

Starting of Challenging trail to the peak...

Keadaan beirut agak uzur & condong akibat tiang kaki yang patah, papan tanda pulak penuh dengan kesan vandalism... emmhhh

View of Mount Irau & Brinchang from Berembun's Peak

We reached the summit in 2 hours including 15 minutes rest in between. Alhamdulillah, 1st mountain conquered. From here we had a good view of Gunung Brinchang & Gunung Irau. The temperature was slightly cooler even though it was already bright and sunny. We rested for about 30 minutes by having snacks and light food & taking a lot of pictures. As usual, going back was faster and we completed the whole journey in less than 4 hours. The return trek was around 1 hour thru the Jungle Walk No. 7. At the end of the Jungle Walk No. 7, you will pass thru the Strawberry’s farm, just next to MARDI. 

Yes... 1st mountain conquered

Tracking back thru Jungle walk no. 7

You will pass thru this strawberry farm

Laluan pulang heading to MARDI

Another option to go to Berembun thru MARDI

Our ending point...Kalau dari MARDI, this is the strating point

We ended the trekking around 1.15pm. After the trekking, we headed towards Tanah Rata restraunt to have lunch... makan time eventho I don’t feel like to have lunch at that time. Almost half an hour From MARDI to Pekan Tanah Rata... walking ok. 

We waited for almost two hours before start trekking to Jasar.

 Continue on next entry...

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  1. Assalamualaikum. Can I get more info for guide or ranger for this trip? Plan to go there mid Jan 2017..


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