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Trans East Java Day 4: Ijen to Bromo

Day 04 (8 Jan 2013, Tuesday) 
Ijen – Cemoro Lawang - Bromo

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From Ijen, we took the same route to Probolinggo. The travelling distance almost 200KM with 7 hours duration. Additional 2 hours... stop for lunch, dinner & shopping. So, total 9 hours before we really arrived at Sion View Hotel at Cemoro Lawang Bromo.

Cemoro Lawang (also known as Cemorolawang, Cemora Lawang or Cemara Lawang) is a very small town north-east of Mount Bromo (East Java), Indonesia with the altitude of 2,217 meters ASL. It is principally a base for early morning climbs of Mt Bromo... the closest & major access point to Mount Bromo.

Almost 7 hours from Ijen to Cemoro Lawang, Bromo


Nasi Rames, Indonesian "mixed rice" with Jus Alpukat


Bakso Eddy... our choice of dinner on the 4th day... also recommended by our Guide Agus

Bakso Eddy... ternyata nyaman skali

Untuk lebih perisa

The Sion View Hotel

It was 9.00 pm when we finally reached Sion View Hotel just a few km away from Mount Bromo. It was pitch dark everywhere with only the flickering lights illuminating the guesthouse. Night is surprisingly long in Indonesia. A typical day with the sun rises at 5.30am and the night falls at 5.45pm does make you wish to just stay at home. Believe me, it was very cold at night.

We stayed here as part of our Bromo tour. Actually, we're supposed to stay at either Bromo Permai or Yoschi Hotel but last minute the Guide told me that they changed it to Sion View Hotel. According to them, this Hotel is much better than Yoschi & Bromo Permai. Not sure about that but it could be the same reason like what had happened to us on the second day to Surabaya. Anyway, we stayed only for a few hours before our tomorrow's trip to Bromo at 3 a.m. So, consider only for a short stay just to rest for only few hours.

Our room at Sion View Hotel was a standard room. It was a small basic room, barely enough floor space to put our bags on the floor. No flush toilet. Sink (no water) and mirror in the room itself rather than in the bathroom. There was a Hot water in the shower but not properly worked on the second day. Towels & blanket also provided. 

Also, included breakfast was white bread with jam, choice of coffee or tea. Not sure, but this seems like the average for this area. Ok lah, nama pun budget. 

Our Hotel at Bromo

You cannot see Mount Bromo directly from this Hotel but you could see other mountain here just in front of this Hotel. The morning view is really a breathtaking moment. I could not capture the full picture of it as it was too close to our Hotel.

View perkampungan Cemoro Lawang

View on the way to Sion View Hotel

Dari mula sampai hujung tu bilik kami

The shower uses 'gas' water heater, the fire in the heater will turn off automatically after a few minutes. The trick is to just turn on and off the tap whenever the water turns cold in order to reignite the fire in the water heater. The fire could be seen clearly… hahaha… first time I saw fire inside the water heater. The next day, morning before we went to Mount Bromo, something wrong with water heater. Seriously, it blows up. Tapi, kata Fad memang macam tu cara dia start. Errrkk… problem betul.

View from Our Room Hotel

If you ask me... I don't recommend this Hotel.

Good Nite...

To be continued...

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