Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Besfren's Happy Day

It’s been a long time since the last day I updated my blog…wow, quite a long time…emmhh no time or I was just so busy with my work n other activities. Definitely, since I came back from KK…every weekend I got an invitation. Wedding n engagement, all my besfriend. But, pergi mana yang sempat je lah.

Last week, aku attend Mariam’s wed kt Kota Bharu. Kind of excited juga lah cos aku pun x pernah gi Kelate…so this is my first time. Since, ade orang arrange charter bus gi wedding & she’s kind of hoping me to go, aku pun layan je lah. Besfren aku kt Miri ni…hihihi. Amik aku balik ofis, teman aku gi hiking, play badminton, jogging n ronda2 cari makan…memang hobi Mariam ni. Tapi aku memang enjoy, at least my life in Miri was full with enjoyable activities. Thanks mariam for being such a wonderful friend in Miri.

Wida’s engagement juga aku sempat attend, it was 2 weeks ago. A week after I returned from KK. Since, she’s my accidentally besfren kt Miri n willing to accompany me in all my activities in Miri, rase macan tak patut plak aku tak attend even though it was only an engagement. Actually aku memang baik dengan dia mase kat UIA nie cuma bila mase dah lepas graduate, semua pun bawa haluan masing-masing. But, what a small world, jumpa balik kt Miri nie. Dia pulak yang jumpa aku dulu. I miss the moment we spent last time in Miri. Bila lah agak nyer aku nk ke sana lagi yea.

Ohh yea….Aku datang kenduri wida agak awal juga lah about 11am macam tu and she’s still touch up. Wow, tak pernah aku nmpk dia make up before this…this is first time. She looks so lovely. Kawan2 dia ade mase tu cuma aku n one of her coursemate mase kt UIA. Yang lain wida cakap dia suruh datang lambat sikit, reason nyer…dah kahwin & yang single2 ni saje je dia suruh datang awal…teman kan dia….hahaha, ade-ade aje makcik ni nak kena kan aku.

To Mariam n Wahida…I’m happy for both of you. Lastly, you’ve have found your true n lovely match. Mmmm….jealous nyer. Wish I could be part of your club soon….hihihi.

Just wanna share some photos of Mariam’s Wed n Wida’s engagement.

Wida n Wary

Mariam n Me...sama theme lah pulak

Mariam n Her Husband Muhd

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