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Incredible India 2018: Final Budget Kashmir, Delhi, Agra & Jaipur

Budget Kashmir, Delhi, Agra & Jaipur (10D9N) 

Flight Ticket AirAsia Return Flight (RM1248) 
KLIA2 – New Delhi - KLIA2 = RM808
New Delhi – Srinagar - New Delhi = RM440 (kalau nak murah beli 2-3mnth before)

Rate as of 9 Feb 2018: 100Rs = RM6

Package 5D4N Kashmir - 7300 Rs (≈RM453) 

  • 5D4N Houseboat Accommodation with Breakfast and Dinner (Veg & Non-Veg Food) Halal Food
  • DBL Bed Rooms Per/Night
  • Car For as per your itinerary for all sight seeing
  • Driver allowance, Fuel, Parking, Taxes, state taxes
  • Delhi & Srinagar Airport pick up drop as per your Itinerary
  • Driver Accomodation, Meals, Fuel, Parking, Taxes, State Taxes
  • One Shikara Ride
  • Full Day Trip Local Sightseing, Gulmarg, Pahalgam & Sonmarg
  • Special Welcome Drink on Arrival Delhi & Srinagar (Yang ni macam tak ada pun, hahaha)
  • Old City & Lake walk in Srinagar

Not Included
  • Monument Entry Fees all mentioned places
  • Personnel Expenses
  • Tip
  • Gondola & Pony Ride
  • Any flights tickets

Package Delhi, Agra & Jaipur Tour (RM510)

Included :
  • Accommodation with Breakfast (2 Double rooms) - Delhi, Agra And Jaipur
  • Car as per itinerary (Agra-Jaipur-Delhi)
  • Driver allowance, Fuel, Parking, Taxes, state taxes
  • All Airport and railway station pick up drop as per Itinerary
  • Driver Accomodation, Meals, Fuel, Parking, Taxes, State Taxes
  • Guided Tour, Agra and jaipur
Not Included
  • Monument Entry Fees all mentioned places
  • Personnel Expenses
  • Tip

Additional Expenses :

Day 1: Delhi Airport
Vodafone Simcard (8GB Data) – INR1000
Note: Simcard di India tidak boleh digunakan di Kashmir. Kena beli simcard lain di Kashmir.

Day 2: Srinagar – Gulmarg - Srinagar
Breakfast - Maggi Massala & kehwa Tea = INR80 + INR45 = INR125
Gondola, Sledge, Skiing = INR2700
Boot & coat Rental - INR200
Tip at Gulmarg - Inr250
Lunch – Butter Chicken, Naan Cheese & Briani Chicken (shared), Kehwa = INR350/each
**Kashmiri Silk - 2 x INR1900/5mtr = INR3800
**Saffron 1g = INR250/g X 2 = INR500

Total = INR3625

Day 3: Srinagar Sightseeing
*Shikara Ride = INR1200/boat
Entrance Fee Pari Mahal = INR24
Entrance Fee Mughal Garden (2X) = INR24 X 2 = INR48
Lunch - Kashmiri Wazwan (Rista) & Lamb Beriani (shared), Kehwa Tea = INR400/each
**Pashmina Kashmir = INR900 X 2 = INR1800
**Saffron 1g (beli dekat Asif, our Houseboat caretaker) = INR280/g X 2 = INR560

Total = INR472

Day 4: Srinagar – Sonamarg - Srinagar
Lunch - Kahwa Tea, Paner Butter Masala + butter bread = INR150/each

Day 5: Srinagar – Pahalgam - Srinagar
**Walnut 500g - INR600
**Cranberry 500g - INR500
**Perfume safron - INR250/EACH
**Kahwa tea - INR250
**Saffron 1g (INR250) = INR500
Boot Rental – INR100
Pony Ride to Pahalgam Valley & Baisaran Valley (2hrs ride at 3 places) = INR1200
Tip to Horseman – INR200

Total = INR1500

Day 6: Kashmir – Delhi - Agra
Tip Houseboat Staff – INR2000 = INR500/each
Tip Owais (driver) = RM120/4 = RM30 (≈INR500)
Taxi Delhi to Agra = INR600
**Starbuck Hot Mocha = INR325
**Mineral Water = INR60 Fridge Magnet Agra (INR50/pc x 8) = INR400 Autorickshaw at Agra - INR150 = INR37.5 **Punjabi Top = INR1000

Total = INR2040

Day 7: Agra Tour
Taj Mahal Entrance Fee = INR1000
Agra Fort Entrance Fee = INR500
Lunch (Beriani Chicken, Butter Chicken & Naan) = INR400
Fatehpur Sikri - Free
Bus to Fatehpur Sikri = INR20 (INR10 one way)
Fridge Magnet Agra (INR30/pc x 3) = INR90
Tip Guide = INR100

Total = INR2110

Day 8: Jaipur Tour
Composite ticket (beli di Amber Fort) – INR1000 valid for 2days but per entry only
(Ticket included visit to Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Nahagart Fort, Amber Fort & Albert Hall)
*Tip Guide (Amber Fort) – INR300 (included in package)
Jaigarh Fort Entrance Fee - INR100 (kalau malas jalan, boleh pay extra INR100, so that, transport boleh bawa masuk sampai kat atas)
Lunch (Chicken Briani, Butter Naan, Coke) + tapow food for dinner = INR300/each
**Creep Silk (INR1000/6mtr) = INR1000

Total = INR1700

Day 9: Jaipur Tour – Delhi
Albert Hall – Included in Composite Ticket
Lunch at RnR otw to Delhi (Butter Naan & Paner Butter Massala, Soda Lime Juice) = INR150

Day 10: Delhi Tour
Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Park = Free
Jama’ Masjid Delhi = Free, INR300 (for camera, smartphone)
Humayun’s Tomb = INR500
India Gate = Free
Qutub Minar = INR500
Lunch (Butter Naan, Paner Butter Massala, Plain Hot Water) = INR300
Tip (Driver) = INR150
**Saree Silk - INR2000/6mtr X 2 = INR4000 (Purchased at Delhi Haat)
**Saree Silk – INR1500/6mtr = INR1500 (Purchased at Indian National Arts)
Info: Saree Silk 6mtr ni, kalau tempeh baju kurung moden, boleh dapat sepasang & boleh buat extra 1 helai baju or kain lagi. Sebab banyak extra kain. 

Total = INR1750

Total Budget: INR14,497 (Additional Expenses) + INR7300 (Kashmir Package) + INR8500 (Golden Triangle Package) = INR30,297 = RM1817 + RM1248 (Flight Tix) = RM3065

Total Basic Budget = RM3065

Total Personal Budget = RM3650

* Included in Package
**Personal Budget

Kalau bukan jenis yang suka shopping, boleh abaikan personal Budget tu. Sebab itu ikut keperluan masing-masing. Just for information. Aku pun bukan lah jenis kaki shopping tapi ada masa tu nak juga merasa membeli sesuatu bila dah pergi berjalan dekat negara orang lain. Yelah bukan selalu pun dapat peluang.

Aku rasa inilah percutian yang paling banyak aku kasi tips kat orang. Tapi kalau dah nak buat semua benda pun nak kena kasi tips, fed up juga. Sudahnya boleh jadi over budget. Maybe to certain people, it’s ok. Patut follow bos aku yang tak heran pun pasal tips ni. Dia siap sound orang yang minta tu lagi, "I have paid your bos, Why I should give you more. If you served your client good then your bos should appreciate you & give u more, not me". Tepuk dada tanya selera. Kalau nak bagi, bagi, kalau tak nak, sudah. Hahaha.

That’s all. Till then. Good Bye.


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  4. Thanks Fizah for this post. Will refer to this post in future. Kashmir mmg dalam wish list tapi tak sure bila nak pergi lagi.

  5. hi, mind to share ground package tu amik dgn sapa?

    1. Noor M Gagroo
      Highland Travels
      P: +91-11-23318236 / 41523395
      M: +91-9810650105

  6. Hi boleh tahu ground pakej tu amek dengan siapa and ada contact no?

    1. Noor M Gagroo
      Highland Travels
      P: +91-11-23318236 / 41523395
      M: +91-9810650105

  7. Assalamualaikum nak tanyer, kashmir you amik dari pakej mane? Tq

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