Sunday, February 19, 2017

Siem Reap Day 1: War Museum Cambodia

Siem Reap, Cambodia
Thursday, 9 Feb 2017

Our next destination after the Angkor Silk Farm. This War Museum Cambodia is open daily from 8am till 5.30pm. Entrance fee USD5. Free local guide is available and they are always ready to personally lead you around and answer all your questions. At the end of the tour, terpulang lah sama ada nak kasi tip for the guide.

Masa kami sampai  dah ada satu group yang lead by one guide. So, we just joined them since they are just started. Guided tour will take you less than an hour tapi depend juga kalau dapat group yang banyak tanya soalan, so, akan jadi lama lagi lah tour tu. Tapi local guide hanya akan guide for certain place sahaja, not every place. So, hanya tempat-tempat yang tertentu sahaja. Basically, tempat-tempat yang penting lah. Yang lain tu boleh lah buat tour sendiri. Tak perlu risau sebab ada information board di setiap tempat di sini. 

Kalau tak nak guide pun ok, boleh tour sendiri. Tapi kalau ada guide lagi bagus sebab dia akan explain setiap tempat yang kita lawat kat War Museum in detail and share some war story. Macam guide kami, Chres Sanh ni banyak share story pasal parents dia yang hidup di zaman khmer rouge regime. Actually, each of the guides here has his own unique background i.e. war veterans, eye witnesses of the war and landmine victims. Therefore, not only they could tell you about the collection of the museum but also about their personal experiences during the defined period of time.

 In front of Helicopter Mil Mi-8 & Jet fighter aircraft MiG-19 (behind)

Let's start the tour

Guide of the day... Chres Sanh

Rifles and M16... you can hold if u want

Machine Gun

Chres is explaining his experience


Entah apa nama dia lupa tapi Chres ada tunjuk function benda ni



A visit inside the Tank T-54

The bone inside this Tank

Peninggalan perang yang dahulu


BM-14 launcher

Bombing section

Dari kecik sampai ke besar

Tank T-54

The collection on display here was gathered since 1999 from provinces in which the most savage fighting took place (Siem Reap and Odor Meanchey) and is a mix of Chinese, American and Soviet hardware. Before used in Cambodia, some of these war machines have even seen action during World War II. (source)

We ended the tour by 2pm. Dah habis tour bersama guide boleh lah jalan sendiri lepas tu ambil gambar and cover area yang tak pergi lagi. Agak luas juga war museum ni tapi rasanya yang penting semua kami dah cover during tour with the guide.

After War Museum, kami pulang ke hotel dulu untuk rehat before next activity.

To be continued....

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