Friday, September 7, 2012

Online Registration yang Hampeh

Nak register tahun lepas pun registration dah closed cepat sangat… pelik nyer 2nd jer dah full, maybe tahun lepas fees dia agak murah RM25pp if you registered two person. This year, same thing also happened to me, within 6 hours registration dah closed. What @#$%&??? 

Aku before pukul 9 pagi dah standby depan PC kat ofis buka website Nike. So, starting from 9am till almost 11.30am berselang-seli dengan logic diagram Prelude FLNG, aku rase tak lepas2 pun nak masuk page nike run ni. So, aku fikir maybe because too many people nak register, so, link agak congested, jadi slow and takes some time to loading. So, aku buat keputusan yang berbelah bagi… emmmhhh… sambung register balik umah nanti jelah… lagipun baru few hours je kan registration opened… banyak masa lagi. Siap cakap the same thing kat ofismate aku yang tengah berusaha keras cuba melepas masuk the same link. 

Pukul 3 p.m buka FB dulu… Biar betul “Registration already closed”. Within 6 hours. Takkan lah 10K peoples within 6 hours… if that so efficient, then, I will definitely be one of the lucky person. 

Ingat kan aku je yang mengalami nasib malang tak dapat register, rupa2 nye ramai lagi. For more interesting comments, refer to this link

Maybe, they opened a few only for 25 years & above and the remaining they kept and reserved for the youths below 24 years old. 

Tak logic pun ade. Nak bising2 pun dah closed OK... Unless, Nike open another special session. 

Why other Running event … Adidas, Reebok, Mizuno etc could be more organized in their registration?? But not Nike. 

Terlepas lah aku nak dapat tshirt nike yang mahal tu. 

Nike Malaysia… you should take more seriously on this. 

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