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Gunung Ledang... The Legend

Gunung Ledang 
Taman Hutan Lagenda
Sagil, Tangkak Johor 
Saturday, 30 June 2012 

If you plan to hike Gunung Ledang, first of all, you need to check with Taman Hutan Lagenda (THL) the availability to climb on the date you request. Why?? Because THL management has limit the climbers to be 150 ppl per day. This is to avoid too many people on the peak at one time and to avoid congestion on the pathway. Like me, what I did, I made a booking a month earlier. Luckily, still got availability on that date. For the hiking activity, it is compulsory to hire guide from THL. Even if you already had a guide, you still have to take guide assigned to you by THL. 

Details about Gunung Ledang, the reservation, pricing & almost everything can be found at this very useful website.
Remember… call first to avoid any disappointment. 

How to get there? 

If you are from Kuala Lumpur or Johor Bahru , take the North-South Highway and exit at Tangkak. Head for Tangkak town, then follow the signboards for Sagil and Segamat. The turn-off to the park is about 2 km after Sagil town. You could see very large Signboard heading to Taman Hutan Lagenda. Drive for another 3km along the Tar road that goes through an oil palm plantation, following the small signboards of 'Taman Hutan Lagenda'. 

Option to reach the summit... 

If you are interested in reaching the summit of Gunung Ledang, there are two ways of getting to the summit. The first would be from Sagil, a small town in Johor that also comes accompanied with a very famous waterfall. The other option would be to go through Asahan that is in Melaka, and this proves to be the shorter journey and if I'm not mistaken the view thru Asahan is much awesome compare to Sagil. 

On the day of event…

Me, Nir, Adik Nir & Thirah arrived a bit early around 7.10 a.m. But, we’re not direct from KL, we’re from kampong simpang lima, Gojes aunt’s house. That morning, Gojes sent us form Kampung Lima thru a shortcut which only took 20 minutes to arrive Taman Hutan Lagenda (THL). But, as we arrived, the THL park office still closed. We have to wait unti 8 a.m for them to open the counter for registration. Really wasting our time, THL park office should open earlier if they know that the trekking will take longer hours to attempt. At least, the climbers can start earlier and can have more time to spend on the peak. The rest of my friends reached between 7.00 to 7.30a.m. 

After the THL park office opened, we immediately proceed to complete our registration and to make the requisite payment of RM816 for total of 16 pax.

Payment include… 

Entry fee: RM5 per head 
Hiking fee RM10 per head
Insurance: RM2 per head 
Guide fee RM220/10 per head 
Rubbish deposit for climbers: RM100 per group (up to 20 pax) 
(Refundable after tagging out and if there is no item(s) missing) 

Total per head: RM 60 (including food prepared by our group leader Nadiah)

Checklist for the climbing 
- Good hiking shoes or Rubber shoes for the climb 
- Small bag pack (for climbing) 
- Headlamp
- Personal First aid Kit (Plaster, Minyak Gamat, etc.) 
- Personal medications (Panadol Actifast, Pain killer or whatever you think useful) 
- Disposable Raincoat 
- Face towels 
- Army Knife 
- Energy snacks (chocolate, energy bar etc.)
- 2L of Water (MINIMUM) 
- Breakfast+lunch (Self provided) 

- Camera 
- Gloves 
- Insect repellent 
- Hiking Stick 
- Knee guard/ankle guard 
- Clean shirt for prayer / travel telekung 
- Compass 
(Above are proposed items only. You may bring other things u like or u think useful) 

Taman Hutan Lagenda (THL) Park office

Upon registration, you need to fill up the details of your group members, luckily, we brought the printed copy of our names and particulars, so, save time to fill up the Climber's detail form. Next, we individually had to declared all of "our assets" following us up to Gunung Ledang Peak. Actually, it would save our valuable time if THL management could avail this form for downloading and completion by individual climber for submission upon arrival. 

Tagging list you need to fill up before start trekking

Gunung Ledang Trail (source)

Before we started, we did few stretching led by our guide. And then, short briefing from our guide and lastly, recitation of doa… pray for our safety.

We started trekking around 8.45 a.m. At the very beginning of the trekking, we headed for the concrete steps leading to CP1 (aka Bukit Semput) which we took 20 minutes. We stopped around 5 minutes like that and then continue approaching CP2 (Bukit Orkid). It took another 20 minutes to reach CP2. Before reach CP1, our first timer friend, Nir Rahim brother to Nir Azmin started vomiting. Fuhh, agak kritikal juga lah masa ni… dia siap nak plan turun bawah balik lagi masa tu. Maybe sebab kuat semangat dia teruskan juga lah. Nak sampai CP2 tu pun, again, he vomited and this time he looked pale & so exhausted. So, we took around 15 minutes break to relief his pain. After taking Oral rehydration salt & minyak angin, looks like he regained his new energy and ready to continue without any more thinking of turning back to the base. Alhamdulillah. 

Laluan Puncak Mahligai

Laluan Puncak Mahligai... you could see fallen trees along the way
Arrived at CP2... Batu Orkid
Detour to Kolam Gajah if you want to stay overnight
Laluan ni pun dah sesak dengan hiker

Batu Orkid... too congested with people. 
No wonder THL limits the people to be 150 persons per day hiking

We took 40 minutes and 65 minutes to hit CP3 and CP5 respectively. So far the ascent was gentle to moderate and there were many fallen trees along the pathway. We took a short break at CP3 before continue our trekking to CP5.

We skipped CP4 (Kolam Gajah) which is a detour. But, if you want to stay overnight camping, then Kolam Gajah is the only place with campsite & water source, if I’m not mistaken. We did not choose to stay since we planned to have a day trip only. That was after I read a few blogs that the trekking can be done in just one day. Actually, when you make the booking, the THL management would say that it will take 11-12 hours if you plan to attempt the summit in one day but if you’re fit enough, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Less than 10 hours, no hal lah. I believed, THL management put the estimated hour just to alert the climbers that you need to budget you return time. According to my guide, it's better to reach down before 7pm, to be safe. 

Laluan Kijang
Inilah Batu Orkid nye

Guest what... sarang semut

Halangan yang terpaksa dilalui

Trail lead to Sungai Segi Tiga

All the way to Sungai Segi Tiga

The last Check point of light & easy trail

Dah sampai pun @ CP5... Sungai Segi Tiga
We rest about half an hour here before proceed to the next challenging KFC

At CP5, we took a 20 minutes rest before proceed to more challenging track. This place was the last water source before you start all the way up to the peak. So, make sure you refill enough water before you proceed because the next trekking will involve more stamina & energy which will cause you to consume a lot of water. To me, 2.5L of water is enough for the overall trekking up & down. I did not refill any water as I brought enough water for my trip.1.5L 100 plus drink with 1L mineral water. But, it depends on the individual stamina too, maybe to some people 2.5L is not enough, so, be smart & drink when needed only because after CP5, there would be no turning back. 

Our Group photo @ Sungai Segi Tiga

The real adventure and fun started from CP5 all the way to the summit (CP8). We have to pass through KFC (Killer for Climbers), Gua Kambing (CP6), Batu Hampar, Bonsai Garden and Botak Hill (CP7) using a series of ropes and ladders to scale up the rocky terrain. It took us 2.5 hours to complete this obstacle climb, reaching the summit at 2.30 p.m. 

Laluan KFC...not to confuse with Colonel recipe ok... this is much tougher

Starting point of Laluan KFC

The challenging terrain started

Terrain bertali to assist you

Your Killing Fitness Center

Rest kejap before entering Gua Kambing

Entering Gua Kambing Gua ni takde lah besar mana pun, cuma nak pass thru to next side of Gua Kambing aje

Inside Gua Kambing

The track just after came out from Gua Kambing

Masuk gua ni pulak

Tangga di celahan batu-batu besar yang very helpful

Ropes are available almost everywhere to assist hikers
Batu-batu besar along the way

Ladder to laluan batu bertali

Trek batu bertali... ala-ala rock climbing but using ropes

Proceed to next level... Batu Hampar

First Batu Hampar Trail

Second Batu Hampar Trail... much tougher

Batu Hampar Trail... view taken from top

Laluan Taman Bonsai

Taman Bonsai Trail... more relax & easy

Taman Bonsai Trail... full with Bonsai tree

Taman Bonsai Trail to Bukit Botak

Arriving Bukit Botak

Bukit Botak... memang sesuai sangat dengan nama

Naik Tangga lagi... sikit je lagi nak sampai peak

Laluan menuju puncak

The last ladder before reaching the highest peak

Alhamdulillah, we've made it

The view at the peak was awesome but it depends too cause sometime it was hardly to see view at the summit as it was too misty. After our lunch refreshment and photography session, we started to make our downhill trek at 3.15 p.m. using the Pendita Trail. This trail bypassed KFC, Gua Kambing, Batu Hampar, Bonsai Garden and Botak Hill (refer to map above) and rejoined the main trail somewhere in between CP5 and CP3. This Pendita trail is simply beautiful with stunted trees, including pitcher plants, and the spongy ground which was nice to trek. This is a shorter trail and easier to trek involving minimal scrambling up & down ladders or ropes. My return trek took 3 hours. 

Telecomm Tower... view from Gunung Ledang peak

Masyallah... view from top of Mount Ophir

We've made it successfully... congrats all

Pendita Trail... more relaxing & leisure

On the way down thru Pendita Trail, we stopped at this one place to perform our Solat Jama’ a as we told by our guide that we may arrive down somewhere between 7 p.m by looking at our group stamina’s speed. So, we took around half an hour to have a short rest, pray & refill our drink. But, what I like the most about this place, there are part of this place where I used for ablution area… it was so beautiful… like untouched. I did not take any picture of it because I was the only lady reached that place first and afraid that, it might be someone else’s place. 

Monkey Pot along the way

view along the Pendita Trail

Overall, the weather was nice and pleasant to trek. It took me 5.5 hours to ascend and 3 hours to decend. To me, this is the thoughest after the Pinnacle & Mount Kinabalu (based on my day trip hiking experience). But, I like the challenges especially the Batu Hampar trail. Although, the view of the trek "biasa-biasa aje" but the challlenges are really tested my passion. 

Thanks to everyone involved in this trip. I was really having fun although to most of them, I just get to know. Korang memang best & happening. 

Thanks to Fad Gojes & her friendly aunty Cik Ar & Uncle for welcoming us to stay overnight at Kampung Simpang Lima… Only, took us 20 minutes to arrive Taman Hutang lagenda. Thanks for the dinner, Nasi Ambang & awesome breakfast. And thanks for sending us to starting point, Taman Hutang lagenda and setia menunggu kami turun di kaki gunung. Dah lah menumpang kasih, siap ade orang tunggu turun lagi. 

If I had chance, I really wants to be there again. Puteri Gunung Ledang… tunggu kami datang lagi yea. 


  1. tak aci ada 2 tangga tuuu.. tahniah yee dan selamat hariraya cik nurul .. hati2 dijlnraya .. ehhee

  2. saja2 gugel pasal ledang, came across your blog.. pastu rasa muka familiar, checked your climbing date & mine, eh, rupanya betullah jumpa masa naik ledang hr tu..

    salam kenal ;-) nice blog u have here..

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  4. Thanks for the great details about the hiking and also the trails....

  5. Assalamualaikum. Tq for hiking info. May i know the difficulty rate (from 1-5) at batu hampar trail?

  6. Assalamualaikum. Tq for hiking info. May i know the difficulty rate (from 1-5) at batu hampar trail?

  7. Thanks for the great info and nice picture :)

  8. can i ask how to get the Guider(Nadiah) contact?

    1. Hi, nadiah is my fren, guider will be assigned to you by THL. Make a booking 1st. You will now the guide once u get there.

  9. Hi, may I request for the guider's contact number? 😁

    1. Hi carol, guider will be assigned to you by THL. Make a booking 1st & u will know your guide once u get there.

  10. Wow~ Cool... Thanks for sharing your awesome experience. I'm going there too, tomorrow. :-)

  11. Salam,

    Syarikat saya sedang menjalankan sebuah kajian mengenai Taman Negara Gunung Ledang. Kajian ini termasuk tinjauan pelawat dulu dan semasa untuk mendapatkan persepsi pelawat mengenai Taman Negara Gunung Ledang secara keseluruhan.

    Jika anda berminat untuk mengambil bahagian dalam tinjauan ini, sila hubungi saya di, terima kasih.


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