Thursday, March 22, 2012

My First Photobook

Finally, after almost 2 weeks waiting... my first trial photobook already arrived.

And for the first trial... I've chosen Mount Kinabalu as my first story book. Why... because this is my first mountain I started to climb... & of cos, I love the quality pictures from my PEN camera.


Yes, because I want to see the quality first & luckily got offer from groupon too. Maybe if no offer, don't think I will buy this. Of course, it'll gonna be expensive if no offer. Honestly, for this first book, I did a bit rush because I just noticed that the dateline for the offer is nearly end.

Alhamdulillah... the printing quality is very OK. Of course it depends on the photo you put it on too. If no quality picture, maybe the outcome would be different too.

What so special about this photobook???

You can design by your own... just by using the photobook software. Everything is there... the template, the frames, the colorful background & many options of design are available for you to choose. Just imagine, be creative & start to create your own story. That's it.

You can download it here

The front cover

The back cover


Overall... I satisfied with the quality


  1. ni harga rm64 tu ke? nanti pergi PD, bawa weh, nak tengok. budak2 office aku dok beli nih

  2. OK... no problem tp ni 2nd edition mount KK. Printing dia mmg sgt OK... nyesal plak aku x letak gambo byk2... last minute punye design kn... so, mmg kelam kabut sgt :-)

  3. heeh..nak beli lah jugak. bebudak office ni dok buat Osaka punya.

  4. Hoho..terus nampak budak baju oren.cantik lah

  5. Hye tak daki gunung Kinabalu?

  6. Of course BEST sangat... rasa nak naik lagi jer


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